Custom products no longer eligible for returns


Starting 15 February 2023, custom and personalised products purchased on Amazon will no longer be eligible for returns.

We know it can be difficult to accept returns of customised products as they may be hard to reuse or resell. This policy makes it clear to customers that their customised product purchases are final and saves you from manually authorising returns requests.

Custom products ineligible for returns include those that are made to order or personalised with names, designs, or inscriptions. For more information on product customisation, go to Amazon Custom.

To learn more about items eligible for returns, go to About Our Returns Policies.


Excellent news :clap:


Fabulous news…


Terrific news


Yay, that is fantastic news


I was always under the impression custom items were non-returnable, and were always at the seller’s discretion.


Ditto, although when you set up Amazon’s auto rules, it always ignored that fact anyway…:roll_eyes:


That is excellent news although I would love to see/know how this will be communicated to the customer. Personally, we always use what is typically a mistake in spelling etc… as a customer service opportunity and try and help the customer where possible but I do fear that sales will fall if this is not communicated correctly and therefore causes panic to the customer but welcome news for sure.


My listings (Handmade) had “Not returnable unless damaged or defective…” etc., before November. They then reverted back to “returnable within…” along with an email from Amazon (I think) saying the change would be for Dec/Jan only. So is this not just a return (no pun) to what it was before?


I agree, since none of them seem to (be forced to) read the return policy anyway. I wonder whether A-Z is still applicable as we know customers enjoy trying their luck for things which they’re responsible for.

I doubt it’ll make sales fall but buyers more wiser on spelling mistakes and to order with plenty of time before the event they’re buying for.


Are they custom though or just handmade ?
The announcement says its just custom (personalised) that’s changing - not handmade


Custom in the sense it has options to select - framed or not, frame colour, a mount, etc.


I am a little confused on Amazon conditions of use and sale they make references to personalised as exempt from returns and then they introduced prepaid returns policy and included them in the returns policy now they are applying the conditions of use and sale again.


No they didn’t
Custom (Personalised) were always left for the seller to accept or deny

The following programmes and categories are automatically exempt from prepaid returns:

  • Handmade
  • Amazon custom
  • Items classified as “hazardous goods” by Amazon
  • Product subcategories flowers & bouquets and fresh cut flowers
  • Heavy and bulky items in any given product category


Below is the actual wording

The same exclusions apply to our Returns Guarantee as for the right of withdrawal. The following products thus cannot be returned under the Returns Guarantee (unless defective):

Goods made to your specifications or clearly personalised, especially personalised Amazon Handmade items;

Also on the forum there has been a number of sellers saying they were receiving returns for personalised items.


thats because the policy clearly states you need to be using Amazon Custom for buyers to personalise - not just send you a message with the details


Many sellers are confused with the polices because they dont aways address the matter. We have the same issue with the Prepaid returns which get lost noone wants to address the matter. Its been going on for months now. Its called on the job training.


the auto authorised returns are bot lead and i can vouch that if a product is listed on amazon as Amazon Custom, I still get to authorise or deny returns

If you don’t have Amazon Custom enabled on the listing, even though its personalised, they will be auto authorised

If you have been having personalised items auto authorised, you need to enable Amazon Custom on the listings


All are requests are bot we have to accept the return. Many sellers are new to Amazon and I suspect unless they have had specific trainning its a case trial and error. Unfortunately errors can be costly for many.

Like our account at the moment. No sales for the last 24 hours. We followed what Amazon seller support asked us to do since doing that no sales.


do you sell personalised products ? If so, do you have amazon custom enabled on your listings ?