Do have Amazon a database with customers which used to make fraud on Amazon?


If any seller reports any suspicious customer, it will be easier to identify the malpractice across the customers.

  1. I have a customer who reported that he did not receive the package one hour after has been delivered.
  2. I sent the proof that he signed the reception.
  3. Then She requests a refund for the reason: the order was delivered after the due date. But is not true. The delivery end date is tomorrow. So, she received the order two days earlier.

What I can do with this customer? I can make a refund and that’s it but I do not agree with this thief to continue doing so on Amazon.


Tell them if they no longer want the item, they can open a return request. State as well the expected delivery date of the item.

Though given the current interactions, they are going through the list of “get your amazon order for free” methods.


Decline the refund on the basis it’s been tracked delivered with a signature. State their refund reason is incorrect. State if they no longer want it to return under ‘no longer wanted’, tell them to read the return policy in full & link the return policy. if they return under thewrong code, when it arrives, put a safe-t claim in with evidence

They might put an A-Z in but I would respond and appeal if granted. If your appeal is rejected then I’d go to the MD.


They did not registered a refund, just chat with Amazon support and Amazon request from us to respond on customer. I do not really understand why the Amazon agent do not check delivery due date and respond to the customer in real time. All our email communication seems to not be read by customer, at least she do not respond to us.


i always reply like cs see my reply. state the facts and that if they don’t want it they can return under ‘no longer wanted’

If you then find you’re going around in circles, keep replying but state that you’ve said everything you can at the above chat on ‘X date and time’


She can give review on the product and review will be considered ? The product has only 5 stars. I cannot allow this to be spoiled by a thief. This is my big concern.


You can leave a review without buying the product, so yes, they could do that. But they could do that even if you refunded them as well.


unfortunately there is little you can do

if it were me i would send a message saying sorry to hear that your item did not arrive in time for your needs. You can of course return it however, as it was delivered within the delivery window, you will be responsible for return postage costs

and leave it at that


It will be common sense for Amazon to have a list of “bad customers”. If 3-5 or 10 salers points to a given customer, then this should be eliminated from the platform. To allow for this to make 100 frauds is bad practice on Amazon side.
I am working hard to keep all those high standards it’s hard to believe that such a customer can give a review about the product’s quality.


even if they did have a list, you’ll never know about it and therefore you have to deal with the customers as if they are not scammers and treat each one individually , case by case

have they actually left a review ?


not yet but given that I have to fight hard with support and AZ- to remove a review, I prefer to close the subject quickly and refund all that customer wants. The only problem I have is this customer will continue doing so and in few years will be more thieves on Amazon rather then real customers.


Don’t just refund them , ask them to return it


Whats the value of the item ?
Are you sending with correct customs/ IOSS info ?


I just wanted to update other sellers who sell in the EU, where a customer who orders an none tracked item waits a considerable time before claiming to have not received their order. I have always wondered what the barcode on the CN22 customs document actually does. I asked Royal Mail if you would kind enough to explain the process, please find a copy of their communication which will be useful for many sellers who sell internationally.

Please find below their response:-

If you use the CN22 for Standard/Economy items, it contains an S10 UPU barcode; this number is for your electronic customs information to be uploaded against.

This electronic information is taken by Royal Mail (either when you send postage online or via your account, or by reading your customs declaration via an OCR machine if you post at a Post Office) and uploaded against the barcode.

When the barcode is then scanned by UK customs and overseas customs, they can view all of the electronic information and process your item through customs. The barcode is scanned at multiple points by both Royal Mail, customs in the UK and overseas, and by La Poste in France.

Which now tells me the three claims made by three females where all false.


They’ll continue to do so regardless, you aren’t saving anyone. Report it through the correct channels. If you can’t afford the return then just refund it… sounds like that’s what you’re set on anyway…

If they want to leave a review then they’ll do it regardless of whether you refund or not.


So, customers have many tools to report us (reviews/feedback/AZ claim) but we do not have any single tool to report them, right?


Seller University (

& You’ve got the bottom of the report message on the message screen


Thank you, I will report there even if I do not see any category which fits to this purpose. Let you know the Amazon’s answer.


They won’t tell you the outcome


I don’t think you’ll get much of an answer. It’s a reporting tool more than a question/answer tool. You could always speak with SS but I think they’ll tell you to follow the link to report it there.