Large shipment separated into 2 warehouses


Hi guys,

I have a huge shipment ready to send to Amazon in France.

Unfortunately when I created the shipment they have separated my shipment to go to two warehouses.

Does anyone have any advice on how to change this? I cannot pay for two separate shipments, all of the products are the same in both shipments.

One is 300 units the other is 1800.

I know when I contact seller support there is no fix for this, but has anyone found any way around this?


Others have mentioned deleting it and trying again however , that doesn’t always work
It’s a bit of a catch 22 as ideally, you need to create the shipment first to check it doesn’t do this but you can’t without the weights etc


As per above it’s trial and error remaking shipments and hoping Amazon’s capacity has changed. I know people used to do it a lot, but I think these days it may impact restock limits.

Not too sure, but I think when you delete a shipment it can take 24hrs for the system to free the space in your restock limit.


It used to be that you could specify one FC to send to, and they charged 50 cents per unit for the priviledge. Sadly, I don’t think that it’s an option anymore.

Presumably the reason as to why you cannot send in two shipments, is because the goods are being sent directly from Asia. If so, I would probably suggest just having the first 1800 shipped, and try and get the factory to hold the other 300 for adding to any subsequent order.

The only other solution is to bite the bullet and pay for the two shipments, or have the other 300 sent to the UK and store them here, in preparation for replenishment as and when needed.


The inventory placement service is still available in the States, so it’s possible that it’s available in the EU.
I’d suggest that the OP contacts support and asks the question.


Thanks everyone.

So I deleted the workflow and waited 24 hours. Then I made the shipment and added just one of the ASIN’s they had separated before and same issue, it would need to be sent on its own.

Will try contacting Seller Support when they open this morning, but Im not hopeful.

Are there issues if I were to just send all as one shipment, just omit the 300 units in the workflow but send anyway?


You’ll get a black mark on your shipment ‘problems’ page
Or worse still, they’ll omit to count those 300 units and they’ll disappear


You could try creating a much larger shipment so that when they are split the amounts at each FC are still above what you are sending.

You could then send it and ‘be short’ on some of the lines.

The downside of this is that when they do not receipt the item correctly (this is a certainty) it will make it difficult to reconcile for any genuine missing items. Particularly if they think there is still outstanding boxes so makes sure that the number of boxes is correct.


I have to say that this is a bad idea.
Having a shipment, where units are missing as a mistake etc, can cause issues on it’s own.
But to purposely invite those problems is frankly madness.


I didn’t say it was a good idea…


Fair enough, but probably not a great idea to put it forward then.

@FiRy7 Why can you not split and send anyway?
If this is two pallets, then the cost won’t be a great deal different to send as two, rather than one.


Check the product dimensions Amazon are holding for that item.
We’ve had this issue before where 1 product gets randomly re-sized by Amazon and they decide that it’s now ‘Oversize’ (usually because they scanned a full box of them as though it was just one item).

It’s possibly wanting you to send the ‘oversize’ to one FC and the rest to any of the normal ones.


Yea I think I will do this in the end.


Yes this has happened to me before. They are separating 8 ASIN and 3 of them are incorrectly sized BUT I have contacted Amazon for almost a year regarding resizing and it takes so long for them to actually accept the correct size- its a constant work in progress for me.

The other 5 ASIN are correct, so this I don’t think can be the issue here.


Have you guys ever heard of a site called Getida? I use it, they reconcile all my shipments for me and chase any reimbursements etc. I’ve found them pretty good, they do take 25% but its honestly been so helpful!


25% of the value of the reimbursement? Sorry, but that’s a ripoff!
If I had done that, it would have cost me thousands over the years.

It’s not exactly a difficult process to get reimbursed for missing stock etc, just do it yourself.

And if you want some useful software that will tell you when there are refunds/returns not completed properly etc and your due a refund, use Sellerboard or something like it.


Do you have any referral code for seller board?


No, but even if I did, it can’t be posted on here anyway.


Ok, I had a quick look at it, I think it works out around the same as Getida, they do not handle every reimbursement just the ones that Amazon misses/underpays. Seller board is €15p/m and some months I do not pay Getida at all as there are no reimbursements. I’ll give it a go though at some point as it seems to have a lot more benefits, thanks!!


What you may be missing, is that it will go back up to a couple of years and check this for you.
You do have to ask them to open it up though for a longer period once registered.

The first time I used it, I got a refund of about £2.5k.
And every single month, I get refunded easily enough to cover the cost.

It’s as useful as you make it though, the more information you put in, the better the results.