Sales Rank and browse node disappearing


I wasn’t aware there was a separate Handmade SS. Can you direct me to where you’re contacting them from, or getting the telephone details?

Ta x


Just simply click on help (top right of the screen) in Seller Central.

Scroll down a little and click ‘Get Support’ under ‘Need more help’.

Then click ‘Selling on Handmade’ and select the appropriate category to raise your case with Handmade Seller Support.

By doing this your not contacting the usual Seller Support, but the Handmade Seller Support, and I’ve found it best to type out your message and then select the call option, you get instantly get a callback and speak to someone straight away.


Thanks. I went through rather than the standard help menu. Just because the link was there - on the EPR page I keep bloomin’ checking!


Hi there, I just came to the forums because I noticed that the Best Sellers Rank section which usually appears on the Product Details section of items that have previously sold has gradually disappeared on all of my listings. Is this the same thing that you are talking about? Thanks, Selena


Yes, Sales Ranks are disappearing due to browse nodes being wiped off from handmade listings. Handmade Seller Support is aware of this issue and is working on the solution.


Thanks- very relieved to see that they are aware, I have just noticed that only 27 of my 53 current listings are displaying in my storefront so fingers crossed this will be a quick fix!! x


Just got a non-answer from SS. Quelle surprise. Hopefully someone in Handmade will know their ass from their hat.


Oh, and another non-answer - explaining to me that sales rank is a ‘mystery’ and things change all the time. Oooooh! Pathetic.


Do not contact Amazon SS - they have no clue. Contact HANDMADE!


I have. This is just one that came in overnight.


Their reply - please supply some ASINs.

Em, I already had! So, they’re not much better so far either.


I am fairly new to all this and have experienced the exact same as everyone else.
May I ask how you manage to get to speak to someone on Handmade seller support? Thank you


As RS says - just go to Help (top right in your main dashboard). Then got to -

Then -

And select your issue, or close enough.


This is what I got from Handmade support -

We can understand that you have issues with the asins: B08128K1KW, B07YG932BP regarding Best Seller Rank. We would like to inform you that the product is not eligible for a sales rank at this time. Specific eligibility criteria cannot be shared.


What on earth is that supposed to mean !


I know! They are saying “Sales ranks are displayed for an ASIN with a sale record and if it has been assigned to the featured categories.”

Both have sold. Both are in the correct node. Both had rankings. Yet I just get told that suddenly they’re not eligible?!


Are they search suppressed ?


Nope. Account is all perfectly ok.


I’ve just got off the phone with a very helpful person in Seller Support and she has looked into all this and spotted the problem straight away and is raising the issue with the relevant department now. I told her others are having this problem and that there are threads in the forum. Really hoping that this gets solved sooner rather than later. I now only have 23 of my 53 listings displaying in my shop front and have lost ranking for all listings now.


Sounds like they didn’t spot the problem. I have just phoned support and the issue is being passed on now x