2 products returned to me with pieces missing, but they was not when sent in?


For low value lightweight multipack items (when I had them) I used to apply a label with the weight and my SKU printed on it over the opening edge with a small dab of extra adhesive.


This is unfortunately the NORMAL behavior of a standard Amazon customer (it is much worse in the US). We sometimes receive back old customer units that they have replaced with our new product. What is most annoying is that the reason they choose is normally Defected item. As the result Amazon eventually closes down the listing demanding an explanation on why we sell problematic items. You feel like being raped by Amazon and their customers at times. The whole place is a joke to be honest. After years on Amazon you would think you have seen everything now but NO, you just wait for the next surprise. Recently, we had a TOP 10 reviewer who has bought(!) our product (usually those are getting products for free to review) knowing absolutely nothing on how to use it (and not willing to), and left such a ridiculous and clueless review which is now impossible to remove. It is just a circus with good and bad clowns, so get used to it and learn to ignore to save your mental health. Do not try to make any logic from what is happening.


That would be the best option, messing about sealing every pack is just costing me far more than it is worth, it has only had an issue with a small few customers and heat sealing packs would take hundreds of unnecessary hours each year to do. I have a heat sealer and use to do it that way, but it just was not worth the extra effort as it is time consuming and not viable when you can have your supplier pack your items for pennies per pack compared to you being able to do say 100 packs an hour or something heat sealing.


Yes but that is why I wanted to be reimbursed as I know the items left my premises fine with the correct contents in them, so if it happened in an amazon warehouse or with the customer, I felt I was not at fault here so would have liked to be reimbursed which happened. So all good now. Thanks


Zip lock bags are really good, I bought a heat sealer quite cheaply and thick heat sealed bags are quick to do and have to be cut with scissors to get into.


ahh, bugger! im FBM thankfully.

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