20% lower shipping fee with Amazon Partnered Carrier programme for UK domestic small parcel delivery


Starting April 12, 2022, you can benefit from an average 20% lower fees*, when booking eligible shipments via the Amazon Partnered Carrier programme.

Note: The 20% fee reduction will apply only to domestic UK shipments. For example, Amazon Partnered Carrier Parcel shipments with UPS, from a UK shipping address to an UK fulfilment centre.

For more information, go to Amazon Partnered Carrier programme – overview and how to get started.

* Your final fee may vary depending on the quantity, dimensions and weight of the boxes, and the rate applied. Rates are subject to change.


This is good news but prices have gone up in recent weeks so does this just take us back to where we were?

Also it now appears pricing is weight banded. It would be helpful if a rate card could be published to tell us how much we should be paying for each weight band.


I think, current pricing for UPS in the UK is :
Boxes upto 13kg £3.74
Boxes 13.1 to 20kg £4.46
Boxes 20.1 to 25kg £5.39

Hope I am right :slight_smile:


I paid £2.75 for a 3kg box this week


Thanks that is in line with what I have paid for a single box. I also think as you send more it works out cheaper as well.

Today I have sent out 5 boxes total weight 37KG and it cost £13.70 which is just £2.74 a box.


Ours seems to be something like £3.60 per 15kg per box regardless of the amount of boxes (usually 15-20)


So like Amazon, give with one hand, take with the other. We are seeing up to 25% increase on FBA fees from today :frowning:


DO you have to be an FBA seller to qualify for this we currently pay £4.20 for a 2.5kg box 39x27x27


Yes you do - this is purely for sending stock to FBA.


I pay over £7 for a 15kg box :cry:


Thank you for your response


I have to ask the expert:
What’s the maximum single box weight which I can send to Amazon? Is it 23kg? Thanks


Yes unless the item is a single item being checked in that is above 23kg


Is that through UPS or a 3rd party to get £4.20?


I am not seeing cheaper shipments. It seems that the cost has gone from around £3.60 to £3.80.

I also can’t post 15kg boxes now as that pushes the price up further. I have to go with 14kg to get the £3.80 price.

Why can’t Amazon be more transparent and publish a price list?


It starts tomorrow I believe


Today the cost has gone up substantially from last week.

For a Small parcel delivery, box weighing 14.4kg, dimensions 52cm x 34cm x 18cm, the pricing is now £4.52 per box. Before it was £3.80. Where is this 20% discount?? Looks more like a 20% increase to me.


Mine is still £3.80 per parcel. This is a 20p increase.


I paid £3.70 on Friday so presume it will drop tomorrow when i do my next shipment after todays discount


It says it starts on the 12th.