20% lower shipping fee with Amazon Partnered Carrier programme for UK domestic small parcel delivery


Sorry yes I meant I will do a shipment tomorrow (not discount starting tomorrow)


I am on the phone to them now, The chap says we said the 12th but we didn’t tell you the time…


OK scrap that - I’ve just done a mock shipment of my usual weight and size and been quoted £4.52 !!


Sounds like we are all getting excited about a 20% discount being applied at an as yet undisclosed mystery time.

However they failed to mention that they are putting the costs up 40% just before.


Playing around with the weights

15kg - £4.52
14kg - £3.79
10kg - £3.43

It used to be £3.66 between 7 - 15kg
Obviously now added several weight bands


Yes, I identified that last week. I now post in 14kg parcels. What a faff though for 1kg.


Just been charged the same as a shipment I did last week…assuming this is being implemented at 23:59 today!


Just to add insult to injury I see the EU countries are getting 50% off for a year.


I decided to wait until today in case the implemented it at midnight. The price has remained the same. I guess I should be pleased it has not gone up.


Just spotted the small print in the t&Cs page !

Not all Amazon Partnered Carrier program shipments are eligible for the promotional discount


So frustrating. So for most of us another significant Amazon fee increase.


So have Amazon delayed this happening, or will most of us not get the discount. Anyone seen any discount yet? :frowning:


I did a shipment today and saw a significant increase in price. I was not aware of this mystery discount until 10 mins ago.

When was the new pricing and banding announced???



It wasn’t :zipper_mouth_face:


Seems to me that this is a somewhat cynical attempt to take the edge off fulfilment price increases at the end of March - to stop sellers from increasing prices too quickly. It clearly does not apply to the majority of sellers, at least not yet. Any sellers ‘special’ enough to have got the discount, please let us know what the secret sauce is :slight_smile:


So today I have had the following answer. Honestly you lot are stupid! Don’t you realise that a 30% increase is ACTUALLY a discount…

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support Leadership Department,

I understand you are contacting us in regards to the charges for your shipping labels.

I can see you have stated the following:

“On the 20th of Feb (before you announced the discount) I shipped FBAxxxxxxx. It contained 14 parcels totalling 135Kg.
The price Amazon charged me was £37.98
I have created an identical shipment today (after the discount has been applied) using the same parcel sizes and weights.
Amazon is now charging me £49.62. This is not a discount it is a 30% increase”

Please note fuel prices have risen substantially since February so the pricing is indeed correct with the discount.

Please let us know how we did.