Ads show as running in campaign manager but they aren't


I closed my store over xmas due to all the strikes. Since opening back up, my usual campaign which has always been very successful, has seemingly stopped working.

It still shows as working in campaign manager and I haven’t changed anything, but if I search for the items on Amazon, they are not being promoted.

The spend, sales etc stats for the campaign all show flatlined at 0 despite working fine pre xmas.

Can anybody help? I am stumped and it’s costing me lots of sales at the moment.

One thing to note is, due to a number of A to Z claims after the strikes, my ODR is 1.8%, could this affect ads?

Have tried Seller support but not much help as per.


Have you got the buy box ?


Checking a listing you haven’t got the BB

Whats your odr and ldr ?


Yes, I sell my own products so thats not usually an issue for me.


See above…


Sorry, thanks for that, I didn’t realise that! The ODR is 1.8% (probably will rise due to 10000 sales in last 60 days, whereas about 20 per day now).

LDR is 0%


As per above, checking a few listings it seems you are currently not eligible for the buybox. You need the buybox to run ads.


An ODR of 1% or above will probably have caused the loss of BB so no eligibility for ads


Ah ok, that makes more sense. Am I basically just stuck for a couple of months now until my ODR sorts itself out?


Yes unfortunately though it’s a catch 22, no BB = lower sales , lower sales = increase in ODR %


Ugh. Nightmare. I’m also worrying about the account at this stage too. Do I have any option re speaking to Amazon about it, or do I just need to weather the storm until things balance out again?

Thanks both for the help btw.


There is the option to call the account health team however, I’m a bit of a believer about hiding under the radar until noticed (others may disagree)

What caused the ODR ? Anything you can appeal ?


Just lots of items that arrived late due to the strikes. I wish I had closed earlier in December but wanted to stay open as late as possible. Amazon recommended people claims refunds which was frustrating and has ultimately cost us this year.


Did you purchase postage through amazon by any chance ?


Unfortunately not. All franked mail, and they introduced a new tracking system in November which worked out terribly. I had so many signed for items that just vanished. Appaling service.


There is a new field which has been implemented that is not only totaly illogical and useless but it is also stopping promotions. Go back to support with images of your campaign set - up and tell them it needs urgent priority.: sunglasses:


Can you explain any further what this is please?


I have a similar issue, no buy box, ads do not work. however, my account health dashboard shows very good performance.


Im having the same issue! I run about 200 different ads and only 1 or 2 seem to be performing this week. I know its January so sales drop and people might not be searching them but ive been saying to myself these last few days what is going on? cus i really dont know lol i did close for 1 week too and i know as soon you close on amazon your sales take a huge drop when you re-open. I wish i never closed.


I’m following another thread where a few people a reporting they have all lost the buy box. So not sure if Amazon are having issues, or if they are doing a new year revamp of the working of the site?!