Advertising campaign not working


It is still fine to call Sales Representative, request them about PPC campaign details. Since @Punkcards is not seeing any Sales analysis/performance (impressions, clicks and amount spend) on his dashboard, the campaign might not be running yet. They might have to re run the campaign.


Just to add, ADULT products do not qualify for advertising.


Thanks for the info. I dont have a sales representative for Amazon. How do you get one?


Sales Representative for Amazon are known as Partners. There are 2 types of Partners:

  1. Managed Service Provider
  2. Tool Providers

Find a Partner – Tool and agency directory | Amazon Advertising

You can choose one of the partners and increase you ROIs benefitting from their expertise, software solutions. Please do some research on them first and try to find your best match. There are lots of Partners with Amazon Advertisement experience.


Amazon doesn’t give two hoots to the size or prominence of a company, they treat everyone the same which includes getting binned of too.


@Punkcards Content26 is one of MSP Partner of Amazon that can provide expertise on advertisement. They can also create content from the beginning. Their contents looks very professional.
Amazon Advertising Content for Brands | content26


Thanks for your response. How do you get your account, Fully Verified?


As you said you were new, I was wondering if you had been fully verified or only had limited access. You can check your account status on the link below.

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