Business address


I have read that it’s best not to put your home address because it will be shown to the public. What address do I put in business address, I only have my home address.

And would this address be used for the products to be delivered to?


If you are a ltd company, that registered address is shown
If you are a sole trader, no address is shown

Which products ?


I am new to this amazon seller, I haven’t started selling any products yet. In the ‘shipping and returns information’ it has my home address.


Are you a sole trader or limited company? Or are you just selling off second hand goods?


Sorry, I’m trying to find on my settings if my account is sole trader or limited company, i think it is limited company. I set this up a year ago


Your account settings will tell you but you really should know if you have a limited company as you should be doing accounts etc for it. The address on your account will be the address the company is registered to and would be shown on your storefront


I have no business, i signed up a year ago to amazon seller to start finding products, putting my own brand on it and selling it on amazon.

But now I’m going to try Amazon Wholesale, I’m not sure if i have to set up a whole new account to do this or if I can keep the same account.


I cannot see where it actually states Sole trader or Limited in account settings.


You keep the same account but you need to be registered as a business so if you’re not then you’ll have to look into becoming a sole trader or limited company before you go any further


It’s business. I just have to find out if it’s sole trader or limited company. I haven’t got time now, il check tomorrow. Thank you for your help.


You should now which it is.

Have you registered a limited company with companies house? If so you are a limited company.

If not you are probably a sole trader. However as a sole trader you have to register with HMRC.

If you have not registered a company or registered as a sole trader with HMRC you need to do this before you sell for profit on Amazon.




Are you by any chance going to buy products on amazon to resell on amazon :thinking:


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I always thought as a business, whether ltd or sole, you must legally have an address. This is certainly the case if you run own website - but I thought the relevant law was for all online selling therefore covers selling via marketplaces like Amazon.
Admittedly Amazon may make it difficult to find - but it has to be somewhere as its a legal requirement.


There is info out there that states that - although I’m not sure if you just have to provide that info on a receipt etc
I know eBay certainly shows all addresses for business sellers however, amazon only show the business addresses of Ltds and Partnerships


I’m a sole trader and my legal address is shown by Amazon on the invoices they generate on my behalf, but it isn’t viewable anywhere else on the site pre-purchase.



I just assumed Amazon (like eBay) did display my full address somewhere. I am a ST and they do display my town, county and telephone number (just not my street) so I am wandering is that is enough to satisfy the legal requirement?

What I do not know is did Amazon take this info from my Business Address or Returns Address as in my case it is the same for both so difficult to tell.

But in reply to the OP - you have to provide both a business address and a returns address to Amazon. They can be different.


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Not on your seller profile page which is where ltds are shown