Business entity and account reinstating


So can you screen shot some confirmations of delivery from when you’ve tracked them?


yeah, I can ss them I am tracking few right now I can take a picture as they do not accept screenshots and send them.


Copy the URL’s to some trackings and include those in your case


when I take a picture the url will be in it no?


If you’re using ‘Buy Shipping’ then your VTR will be 100% (or N/A).
Have you had any claims of INR ?
Did you have a sudden increase in number of sales - ? velocity review ?


no i just had few late shipments


Yes, but you want to make it as easy as possible for them to verify. I remember when I had the review two years ago I made a list of 10-12 orders with amazon order Id and the tracking url next to it so they could easily verify the orders were delivered.


Have they asked for your supplier invoices too ?


no just proof of deliveries


What’s your ODR and have you shipped any late?
And is your transit time set to allow for 2nd class postage?


Including strikes …


my ODR is 0% and need to check that


I take it its because you had a lot of orders and are still registered as an individual


yeah I had over 20 orders in a day maybe that’s why


Is your stock from wholesalers or shops ?


shops for now


im not doing dropshipping though just buy them in bulk and keep them


Ah that’s another issue then unfortunately


How recently ?


Your limited company was formed just over a year ago, have you never traded under it?

Edit: just checking as in the last thread they also asked for evidence of you being a a business