Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Upload your EPR registration number if you sell in Germany or France


If you sell in Germany or France, add your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) number to the EPR Compliance Portal in Seller Central starting December 15, 2021, for packaging in Germany and from 2022 for WEEE in Germany and all EPR product categories in France.

In Germany, if you can’t prove your compliance with EPR to Amazon, we will be legally obliged to suspend your non-compliant listings under EPR product categories: Packaging (effective July 1, 2022) and Electric and Electronic Equipment listings (effective January 1, 2023). In France, non-compliant listings will be suspended, and we will recover the cost of your eco-contributions.

Add your EPR registration number on the EPR Compliance Portal in Seller Central:

  1. Go to EPR Compliance Portal Germany
  2. Fill in your EPR registration number (LUCID number for packaging in Germany)
  3. Click on Submit

At this stage, you can only add a LUCID number for Germany packaging. While you must be registered if you sell products in other EPR product categories, you can’t submit the registration number in Seller Central yet. We will keep you updated in 2022 on when you can submit additional registration numbers for other EPR categories or countries.

What are my Extended Producer Responsibility obligations?

EPR is an environmental policy that holds the party who first places an EPR-applicable product in the country (also known as the “producer”) responsible to mitigate the environmental impacts of their product for its entire life cycle from design to the end of its life (including waste collection, treatment and customer take-back).

In addition to registration, you must declare your sales (of products covered by the different EPR categories) and pay eco-contributions to the respective Producer Responsibility Organisation for the applicable reporting period. Furthermore, for specific EPR applicable products, you must provide customers with a take-back option (Take-Back Programme).

Go to the EPR Educational page for more information.


I have just checked and If I sell few boxes of my products I have to pay 75 Euro yearly:(


How do you check how much you have to pay?


It looks like in France, Amazon will pay and recover from us. But in Germany (What I understood) we have to apply for number and take an external company to do paperwork. The fees per year start 75 euro but can be cheaper, I checked only one company from Google. So we have to pay for product, packaging and fees. The prices are per kg for packaging and per product depend on product category. What I found there are not big costs but big bureaucracy - another small business’s killer in EU


Hi Everyone,

Amazon states that they will suspend listings in DE from July.

When will FR be enforced, anyone knows?

I would like to know how much time I have for this


Which companies are people looking at? We sell table lamps and USB drives. We contacted 2 companies, but neither of them have even bothered to reply!


Done a little Googling on this topic and here’s some details I’ve found from a waste compliance consultancy website…

As a rough estimate, the minimum cost for packaging waste compliance is on average €50 to €150 per country. For electronics or batteries, you can expect minimum €500 per country (on average).

It appears France and Germany are just the first to implement this, with Austria next and the rest of the EU countries to follow. Each country will have it’s own compliance, meaning you’ll have to pay this fee for each and every country you sell to.

Once rolled our to all EU countries, say you sell to the six main Amazon destinations (DE, IT, ES, FR, PL & CZ) for packaging compliance alone you’re looking at around £500 per year, but many thousands on top of that if you sell electronics or batteries. £500 for packaging isn’t the end of the world, but the extra admin will be a pain! You will have to provide details of all the products you sell, packaging weight etc every year to each of the country’s schemes. The more you sell, the more you pay.

Also from Jan 2022, products sold in France should display the ‘Triman’ logo either on product or packaging. For electrical products there are extra and very specific rules too…

A transition period is in place until 9 March 2023. Afterwards, packaging that is not compliant with the new Triman signage rules may no longer be placed on the Frencht market.



This has made our decision for us. We’re out of the EU once it’s enforced. Can’t be dealing with this crap. We already pay silly money for our VAT compliance in the PAN-FBA stuff. All of this just takes the profit out of our small company, so just isn’t worth doing anymore. I think we’ll just keep going on Amazon UK and tell the EU to *** off !

The ironic thing is that this isn’t just for UK sellers. Its for the whole of France and Germany - so its going to screw up all their small companies/sellers as well, who have limited resources for all this beurocracy (which is already overzealous)


Just an an example. Using AVASK (who do our FR VAT), their prices work out at:

Registration: £275 (3 categories)
Annually filing: £525

Registration: £200 (3 categories)
Annual: £520

So almost £500 to register (and by the sounds of it, other EU countries will follow suite soon too!) … and then over £1000 a year for filing! Absolutly bonkers. Once this is enforced, we are out. I can’t be dealing with all this rubbish. Selling online is stressful enough as it if, without 101 hoops and costs to jump through :frowning:


Could please share the website link where you got that info?


Every company we have tried contacting hasn’t even had the decency to reply to us! (if they don’t want out business, fine, but at least reply and let us know! :disappointed_relieved:


Try AVASK Accounting


Funnily enough, that’s who we were looking at. They got back to me, but it’s still going to cost an arm and a leg! (we only have a few ASINs and products). I think we are going to just call it quits in the EU once they bring in this moranic system.


We using https://www.lizenzero.de/en/


Well It just regsitered for the German regsiration (Lucid) number online, and it was fairly straight forward. I’ve uploaded it to Amazon and all seems well.


Let me understand, so all products are affected by this, and then depending on the package or just product that are packaging and electronics (among others)


Yeah pretty much. You have different categories. So WEEE (electronics), packaging, batteries, etc. So in our case, we would have to register for 4 categories in DE, and 3 in FR. Its a joke of a system. Especially for the EU who claim they make it “easy” to work between countries. Yet more beurocracy from them


Pretty confused also. I sell some items and ship to Germany in a jiffy bag (which I buy from a supplier on another well known ecommerce buy now/bidding site).

Am I impacted by this?


Yes as far as I’m aware. Ours are sold in plastic bags and we will be paying for the weight of bags sold over the year.


Yes, and everyone sending any sort of packaging material to Germany (including for FBA) should have signed up some time ago.

Like @EMKC, we used https://www.lizenzero.de/en/ and, like @ToySeller, we found the process quite straightforward, although you do have to make a re-declaration annually, to reflect how much material you’ve “contributed” to the environment in the last 12 months. If you do the registration yourself, it’s nothing like as expensive as some of the figures being thrown around on this thread.

I expect most European countries to adopt a similar scheme in due course, and it’s possible the UK will consider doing the same for those selling online into this country.