Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Upload your EPR registration number if you sell in Germany or France



I won’t be doing this, another reason to stop my very small sales over there. I send at most 3 small jiffy bags to Germany each month - 1 a week.


really? LMAO, we are using them from 2018 and I can’t wait to brake every relationship with them, such an awful company. I haven’t seen any more ignorant and unprofessional people anywhere else.


We went with ‘Der Grune Punkt’


We have paid just €25 for 75kg cardboard and 3kg plastic that was sent as packaging for last year.


All these schemes are already in place in the UK from our time in the EU if you sell any WEEE or batteries you should be registered as a distributor. If you import your stuff you are a producer and bigger fees. The WEEE scheme has just been renewed by the DEFRA for the period of 2022-2024. We had to pay a fee of £200 plus VAT.


So you pay this and they give you a valid EPR registration number for the year? Have you then uploaded that to Amazon somewhere in 1 place, or does the number need to be added to every ASIN? This deals with the DE side of things. Does anyone have something similar to this for FR?


The registration number you’re allocated is for ever (like a VAT number is) but you have to make an annual declaration to whichever EPR system you signed up for, declaring how much packaging you sent to Germany in the previous 12 months.

The registration number is uploaded, once, to Amazon - just like a VAT number.


Thanks so much. We’re looking at about £800-900 to register for DE. Can’t find the equivalent site for FR, which will be a LOT more as I think FR you have to declare any textiles too, and we sell clothing. But DE looks simple enough. Thanks for your help. I shall continue digging :slight_smile:


I believe the website you need for France is https://www.citeo.com/


I believe for France Amazon will be paying and charge you


We are out of Europe because of these extra costs and hoops. Just not making that much profit to begin with. Once we are out we will save on VAT calculation accounting too. Just focus on UK, until their anti business pols get this idea.


Is this together with number?


Germany / Packaging
I registered packaging on
Register business, and you get number after registration finish(immediately)


Just wondering if anyone may know? if you held stock in France FBA warehouse where your item is sewing buttons packed in zip lock bags where the zip lock bags are likely not to be recyclable, do you need to use the triman logo on that item or packaging?


Hi there,

Anyone has an idea how to calculate primary packaging? Secondary packaging, it’s a pain but it can be done, but how do you calculate the weight of the different boxes that the different manufacturers of your products weight?


@ Zgradek
I just checked that link (https://lucid.verpackungsregister.org/) and it talks about a dual system: “Producers are required to submit data reports every time they report volumes to a (dual) system. This also applies at contract conclusion with a system.”
Do you know what this dual system is that they are referring to?


@ Zgradek
Never mind I figured it out :slight_smile:

A dual system is a recognized private-sector company. There are a total of eleven dual systems in Germany:

  • Interseroh+ GmbH (hierzu gehört Lizenzero)
  • Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH
  • EKO-Punkt GmbH & Co. KG
  • Veolia Umweltservice Dual GmbH
  • Reclay Systems GmbH
  • BellandVision GmbH
  • Landbell AG für Rückhol-Systeme
  • NOVENTIZ Dual GmbH
  • Zentek GmbH & Co. KG
  • Recycling Dual GmbH
  • PreZero Stiftung & Co. KG

Together, the dual systems ensure that packaging waste is properly collected, sorted and recycled. The proportion to which each of the dual systems ensures these processes is calculated from the amount of packaging licensed with the individual dual system.


Look at this link on Amazon: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/help/hub/reference/GYDCAK9ZR6VJH2X3
and head down to “Country-specific information”; look for France and you see a list of all PRO companies listed for each category you might be selling.


Once you complete the EPR registration (Germany) Is the next strep to find a Producer Responsibility Organization in Germany? An organization that will calculate the fees associated with the packaging/weight you use? They are the once that will bill you based on your Amazon selling report?


Hello, just a question we have registered and provided the required EPR number but the message still displays on our dashboard page? Do they need some time to check it?


I went with Der Grune Punkt too, seemed the cheapest.

Do I now have to provide LUCID with Der Grune Punkt details somewhere?