FBA Double TAX?


why are you and your friend selling the same items ? that may be seen as some kind of tax / vat dodge instead of setting up as partners ?!


Thanks for your insight
But I am still wondering why my friend does not get charged for the FBA per unit Tax just the other one.


We sell on the same listing because she said it was a good seller ? So I just tried it.


so you are now in direct competition with your friend ?!!?


Paying two taxes is right but it’s the image itself that is throwing me. Maybe just because it’s enlarged and my knackered eyes aren’t seeing it properly :eyes::eyeglasses:


Yes, it did me too :smile:


Can I just say, you are both heading for a swift suspension, based on what you’ve just said. Both of you, selling the same items, on the same listing? Presumably your prices are the same too otherwise one of you is undercutting the other one? This is all starting to sound a wee bit dicey? :thinking:


just a bit !..


And in addition to that…it makes no sense at all to be in direct competition with your friend


Yeah pretty much but Im looking for my own products as I find it hard to compete with the double tax on my account when others may not have the same tax
I cannot lower my price as them on the same listing as they can afford lower prices where as I am actually losing money.


The way things are looking, both you and your friend won’t have accounts to sell on. Do you not understand the implications of what you are doing?


I do not understand ?
I did not create the listing? She found this pink stuff listing by scanning it in a store then she told me about it that is has a good rank. But then other people are on it too like 30 people selling the same product with lower prices as far as £3 which is why I no longer sell this product as it is impossible to compete with the other 30 people nevermind my friend who told me about the product


OK, let me try and make it simple.

You and your friend decide to sell on Amazon
You both decide to sell the same products
You both sell the same products, on the same listing
You both charge the same prices, for the same products, on the same listing otherwise one of you undercuts the other one

Do you think these things look ok? Do you think it might be construed as “collusion”, ie both of you selling the same things at the same price which could be viewed as price fixing? It may not be, but it doesn’t look right and that’s the issue.


Oh I see but she always changes her prices raising it lowering it but I cannot as I have said before because it is impossible for me to make a profit and I have sold the last of it since Jan 2 making a loss at 25p per unit just trying to get some money back to buy new products I dont sell this listing anymore.


Good. For the benefit of both of you, don’t sell the same things on the same listing. Sell different things on different listings. And whatever you do, don’t both connect to Amazon on the same computer or even using the same internet connection because it will flag up that you are both one and the same and both your accounts will be suspended. This has happened many times to people here, even to two people who have completely separate businesses but work from the same address.


Thanks for your help guys really appreciate it.


No problem. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run. And everything you need to know is here:



But it gets worse …

OP, did you buy your products from a store or from a wholesaler who sells only to the trade


I scan items from stores and buy from whole saler about 10 units of each product?


And one step further…are you registered as a business?