FBA Double TAX?


Yes I have I am I have a UTR


Okay, well thats good. Have you listed the product in question as used or new


All my products are new and listed new


Okay, so you have a problem which you will need to address before Amazon realise.

You have bought your products from a retailer and so they are not ‘New’, well in Amazon’s eyes at least. You can only list them as used like new.

Secondly. As you have bought these from a retailer, if Amazon asks, you will not be able to supply an invoice - that said…if they are later listed as used like knew…i am not sure whether a receipt is then acceptable

Edit …and just to add, its no wonder you are making no money from them!


and looking at them - bacofoil, teabags, sponge cloths - are they from bookers or costco ??


i could be wrong but i think he is saying he is buying from a wholesaler but that also depends what they class as a wholesaler


No, I think you are right, i missed that. But then 10 products at a time?


Unfortunately, Chris, not Bookers, Makro, Costco, etc. These are what Amazon calls “bricks and mortar” wholesalers and most of them are not permitted (though I have heard of instances where Costco palletised goods have been accepted).


OP, does your wholesaler sell only to trade?


I said 10units per product


and which wholesaler is it ?


Your right, you did, but is it from a trade only wholesaler?


yes correct ian amazon will not accept these places as wholesalers and this is where a lot of people go wrong


I used wholesalers like harrisonsdirect


I think what @Kevanden and @The_Little_Shop are driving at is, Amazon do not permit goods to be sold in New condition that are purchased from “bricks and mortar wholesalers”, such as Bookers (which belong to Tesco) or from retail shops and then sold on again. The receipts that they provide for goods are not acceptable invoices to Amazon in the event of any verification or checking. If they are from such a wholesaler, you run the risk of not only having your goods confiscated in FBA but also Amazon witholding your funds. You can sell these goods, which are known as retail arbitrage, but you cannot list them in New condition. The best condition you can list them in is “Used - Like New”.

I could be wrong but, I’m pretty sure Amazon treats Harrisons as a “bricks and mortar” wholesaler?


What wholesaler do you guys recommend if you can?


None really, because Amazon don’t accept bricks and mortar wholesalers as valid supply chains. For the sort of products you are selling, you would need to be in with the big boys, such as Brake Brothers PLC. From them you need to buy millions of items.


unlikely sellers will tell you their wholesalers you have to find those for yourself


unfortunately your friend has not only risked their account but your’s too

you really need to read the seller university pages if you want to make a really go of this


Is there any other place than these Big boys? What if I buy something from china and then have my own logo on it?