FBA Double TAX?


On their website, it does say they supply only to trade customers, so you may be okay with Harrisons, but note what @Retro_Emporium says. But in any case profit margins of 19p and similar is not going to help you grow your business.


Thank you Im still learning


Fair enough to understand.


Then you would need to go through brand registry at Amazon and then all of your packaging would have to be approved by Amazon and then all of the items would have to pass the relevant UK safety legislation. I think there’s a big jump from buying 10 boxes of tin foil to having a plant manufacture it with your name on it!


Ah - Good old You-Tube Strikes again


Is your friend VAT registered and you not?

To FBA an item retailing at £4.99 you need to be buying it at pennies for it to work


Indeed but Bookers only supply trade customers too…and they’re not acceptable. You need to register your business with Bookers and get one of the pretty orange cards :joy:


Yes I see, never heard of Harrisons before


I think she is but I called up hmrc and they said I do not need it until i reach 85000 should I just register straight away?


whats you friends store name here on amazon ?


I’ve used Harrisons but never sold their products on Amazon, they are trade only

  • 46460 - Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods
  • 46900 - Non-specialised wholesale trade

@Riz_N_Joy_Easy_Deal if she is that answers your question as she wouldnt pay VAT on the fees


no dont register for vat until you have to the only time you would do this is if you were selling vat exempt goods


What does that exactly mean? im new to this since lockdown


so your store name is Riz N Joy - what is your friends store name ?


There is no reason to register VAT unless you absolutely have to, ie you reach the VAT threshold, or it is beneficial for you to do so before threshold (not many businesses come into this category, but some do). Then only other reason to register is if you are compelled by law because of your status.


I will not put her name here just for her privacy but yes that is my amazon name


sorry then i can’t help and tell you if she’s VAT registered which is why she isn’t seeing the tax added on


Thank you for that really helps I do not think I am there yet. Im only trying this to try and make some money after not being able to work with this whole pandemic going on thank you guys


We all understand but we’re all just trying to point you in the right direction because we have all seen so many people crash and burn here. Seriously, I know it’s long and boring, but some homework here is the best thing you could ever do:



I must admit I’m a bit at a loss as to why someone who found a product that makes money would then tell their friend to sell the same product in direct competition