FBA Double TAX?


I’ll hazard a guess that’s its ‘Skyline’ as you both sell the exact same products for the same price
looking at the business seller profile i can’t see a VAT number but then again, there are no details on there at all

@Retro_Emporium - would a VAT registered sellers details show on their seller profile or can they hide them ?


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Good luck @Riz_N_Joy_Easy_Deal. You can make it work with a little determination


If you are VAT registered you are required to show your VAT number on all company documentation such as invoices, receipts, letterheads etc. However, whether or not Amazon comply you to do so, I don’t know (not being VAT registered myself, thank God). I think Ebay do but not certain. I’m pretty sure somebody here will give you a definitive answer.

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I have noticed that some sellers like ourselves have all our details on Seller Profile page - company name, address, VAT number etc yet others have no details at all ?!


Not sure. As a limited company, all ours are, but then that’s because of the legal status of the business and the fact that somebody can literally walk up, knock on your door and say “can I see your company registers please”. The price of limited liability :thinking:


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yes our vat number is there for all to see


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If they’re doing wholesale that sounds completely normal to me.


You are NOT paying double tax!!!

VAT is 20%

20% of 34p is 7p
20% of £2.49 is 50p

You are paying 20% just like EVERYONE else in the UK!

I can’t think of any reason why your ‘Friend’ Isn’t paying the 20% on the FBA.


Please, Please, Please don’t be guided by friends, you tube videos or anything else if you are serious about making a business selling on Amazon. Treat Selling on Amazon as an apprenticeship. Study, and I mean study Amazon university, read the forums daily to see the pitfalls of what can happen if you get things wrong. If you want to make a success of selling on this platform, make sure you’ve got everything right from start. Get it right and with hard work it can be very lucrative, given time. Most long time sellers on here, including ourselves have learnt the hard way and are passing on the best advice. If you really want to carry on going about the way you’re doing things, there is a well known auction site that would probably be more suitable for you.


Have you actually read through this entire thread?

Two “friends”
Going round shops, scanning barcodes on products
Then both buying the same products, from the same bricks and mortar wholesaler
Then both selling them on the same listing
Then both selling them for the same price on the same listing, in direct competition with each other
Both possibly logging on to Amazon using the same IP address, from the same physical address (not fully confirmed but sounded likely)

And you think this all looks perfectly normal? Really?

Doing wholesale doesn’t mean you can “do Amazon”. There is a large swathe of wholesalers that Amazon do not accept as legitimate links in the supply chain and most of the “bricks and mortar” or “cash & carry” as they were once called, are on that list. Just because you buy from a wholesaler, doesn’t mean you can sell the goods on Amazon.


See thats largely wrong and right at the same time, if for example I want to sell Nike, I would have to go to a Nike distributor or an authorised Nike wholesaler, because otherwise I don’t have the permission to sell the IP, so in that sentiment ypure right, however if like you you want to sell generic unknown brands, the rules around wholesalers are alot more relaxed because its the IP and not the wholesaler amazon tries to protect because they have been burnt in the US by brands like Nike being sold on the platform and the whole issue with the difference between new and brand new. Amazon also doesn’t see booker or costco as wholesale, because technically they are not (booker closer to wholesale than costco). They are retail stores, who use collective bargaining power (costco membership) to gain cheaper prices. A true wholesaler will only work with businesses or trade (in the instance of say a builders merchant)


i was going to reply to him ian but you can put it better and maybe have more patience i think some people just skim the posts and miss the important stuff


I think the important bit here is will amazon think they are gaming the system to inflate prices, and I would say they would if amazon ever found put they were both selling the same item based on advice for each other.


yes completely agree they are both on very thin ice