France - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Registration


France - Has anyone else managed to successfully register with any of the organistions on the EPR list provided by Amazon?
I am specifically looking at the Packaging and Textiles categories.

My French is passable, but I cannot seem to locate a registration form of any kind specifically for EPR.

Any help from someone who has completed the process would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks a million in advance


I have been looking at this today, it’s very confusing! I have registered with LUCID for Germany and that seems to have gone ok. I think you have to use a third party for France - I have been looking at one called ecosistant, but then I read this on Amazon’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Education link:

" France

If you are selling EPR applicable products on to customers with a shipping address in France, but do not provide Amazon with the valid Registration Number(s) corresponding to those EPR applicable products, Amazon will by default pay corresponding eco-contributions to the qualified Producer Responsibility Organizations(s) on your behalf for sales made from January 2022 and recover these amounts from you. Amazon will pay on your behalf at the end of each quarter or year depending on the EPR category."

So maybe we can just leave it to Amazon to collect, although I’m guessing they will charge us more than we would have to pay if we self-report?


yes - Im registered with refashion for the textiles and leko for the packaging.

Regards Germany- I did the Lucid part but now need to find a firm to do the work. Who have you used?


Probably but I am getting yellow boxes saying I must register and had to succumb to it.

I used Citeo but that is down to them covering 2 categories that I need to report on.


can you please let me know how you did the registration for Germany? Many Thanks


All the french sites seem to be in french, where as the German sites are available in English.


yup and when I signed up I received an invoice asking me for 80 Euros. I then keep getting French emails spamming me all the time


LUCID for Germany seemed easy but France is a minefield. I sell bike lights and it looks like I need 3 UINs one of which will be over £1000.
I sometimes wonder if all this EU stuff following Brexit is worth it. I still get parcels going missing all the time even with the IOSS number on them


Germany took me about 3 minutes to setup, France I can’t even find where to start, all in French as well.


It’s nothing to do with Brexit. You’d have to follow these regulations even if you lived and operated exclusively in Germany.


Germany isn’t as easy as just setting up Lucid. Then you need to find a service provider that then links into Lucid - thats who you pay the fees to.

The French one is a bit of a nuisance. I needed to use 2 firms. One for the textiles and another for packaging.

If anyone needs any help - please ask and I will share what I did.


Who did you use for this, do you have a link please?


If you use them they take your lucid ID and set everything up. They then make it easy to import your useage stats into lucid and take care of all the compliance stuff.

I tried 3 or 4 others and none of them actually came back to me. This one is as simple as it gets… and the support is good too in case you have any queries.


I used Reclay Was only about €9 for the year for the small amount I send.


I’m struggling with the French one though. I found
But I don’t know if I have to do the same as Germany and register with their equivalent, Syderep and then pay Leko €80 for the privilege to sell in France as the ‘dual partner’! Or does Leko do it all?
Or do I even need to at all? Looked like only certain materials are covered at the moment and others will come later. Or have I got that wrong too?


Just so I understand. We pay a random company in France and Germany, simply because we send parcels to those countries? Even though our buyers will just dump their packaging into their rubbish bins etc.

The companies we pay do absolutely nothing for us at all?


Seems to be. Different companies/countries do different things with the money. It’s crazy. But it’s the same sending to the UK. Just that we, like some, have high thresholds.

My head is frazzled looking at it all day today.


Think I managed to answer at least part of the Q. Found that does the same for the same fee and they state they take care of it all.


Best resource I’ve found so far. Esp the map. Shows the different regs/rules for each country. For France you need to pay a fee (€80 for under 10k units) to a ‘state take-back system’ and they will also handle the registration.


Doesn’t it remain the case that if you do nothing with respect to France (not Germany), Amazon will handle it on their end and then recharge you?