I am facing Critical Issue regarding my inventory


I want to get it returned to the wholesaler from whom i got it purchased.


I doubt they’ll take it back with amazon stickers all over

Are you uk vat registered ?


They’re not going to take 98 mugs in potentially 98 different packages back that have also presumably been prepped for fba with bubble wrap etc


will be there any issue if I import from Ali baba. :frowning:
Another Thing, can I talked to any one from the forum as it will more understandable for me?


Are you uk vat registered ?


Yes, I am registered
Also have talked to the Wholesaler and they said we will return the stock


Do they know its been in amazon warehouse already?


Before you do anything else, you need to understand what you are actually doing.
As it’s quite clear that you really haven’t got a clue.

But before you do anything else, you need to get your account sorted out. Without that, you simply can’t sell anything.


Come on man.
My Account is in Good health and working now.
Issue is with the stuck inventory


Did you try flat file upload ?


Flat file?
what does it mean?


But it’s not in good health is it? You have a strike against your account for counterfeit inventory.
It needs to be cleared, or the next tiny issue, you will probably find yourself suspended.


Did you pay them or amazon to prep your stock?


I have acknowledged the violation and my account health is restored.
Account is active with good health now


But they’re still asking for invoices to prove your stock is genuine so acknowledging the violation hasn’t fully worked.


Yes, You got it


There you go, your not listening again…

I’m out.


Wow - nice…



You have bought some mugs. I’ve not idea if they are branded or not. I’ve found several listings for a similar looking item, the top one looks to be this.

The issue is, you added yours to a listing branded RAJX. Your invoices will likely not mention this brand anywhere, hence, your invoices do not match the product you have claimed to have.

Unfortunately you’ve learnt quickly one of the issues with this kind of stock that is branded by lots of sellers so they get their own listing.


Fellow sellers cannot solve your problems for you, only offer advice and suggestions from years of experience.
At the end of the day, you need to provide Amazon with what they are requesting, as only they have access to your actual account.