I am facing Critical Issue regarding my inventory


Just had an interesting read on the Internet extact below,
“Amazon has reportedly closed down more than 13,000 Pakistani seller accounts due to allegations of committing fraud. Small business owners opting to become Amazon Sellers is a trend that has been on a constant rise over the past few years due to government support under Pakistan Post’s different offerings to promote the cottage industry and increase the country’s exports.”

May be why we have had a increase of Pakistan residents suspended by Amazon and coming on this UK forum for advice every week , when unfortunately they do not listen to advice or suggestions given , have no idea on how to list products or how Taxation works in the UK.


Not very pleasant! As I was constantly told as a child manners cost nothing.

From what I can see you have accepted the violation but Amazon will still want you to prove you brought the stock from RAJX. As you didn’t buy them from that supplier but from a well known supplier who supply many Amazon businesses they won’t accept the invoice you have and will destroy the goods as they believe them to be counterfeit. Amazon will charge you to destroy them.

you are lucky still to have an account after this so I would advise you write off the £400 loss for this product. check you current inventory is listed correctly and carry on being grateful for a second chance.


I agree with others on this thread, you are probably not going to get your stock back - you have listed against a brand that does not match your purchase invoice, this is therefore interpreted by Amazon as counterfeit and not something you can argue against. You state you got funds released, if this was against these mugs then you are very lucky as their terms do state that funds will be withheld on counterfeit products.

As you have already provided your invoice for the products, which shows these are not the listing in question, you have no option now to submit another invoice, as clearly this would not be genuine as you have already sent them the real one, and it shows you have listed against a brand which is not the brand you purchased, and presumably because it had a higher price than the genuine item, this is something that is severely frowned on by Amazon.

I think you just need to take the hit, and move on - Amazon will destroy the stock, and yes you will have to pay them to do this also, so you may have a bit more pain to come your way yet.


Strange response. OP might be an idiot, he might not know what he’s doing and you might. However telling him that it’s acceptable for Amazon to seize his stock, refuse to let him retail it AND refuse to return it to him is supporting Amazon effectively stealing his goods.

I’m sure that’s not what you intended to say…


OP might be an idiot, harsh but irrelevant
he might not know what he’s doing basically correct
and you might correct

However telling him that it’s acceptable for Amazon to seize his stock, refuse to let him retail it AND refuse to return it to him is supporting Amazon effectively stealing his goods.-------- no its pointing out the reality of someone using the wrong asin and therefore exposing themselves to copyright claims and the fact that amazon wont return the said copyright infringement items and may well charge him for the pleasure of destroying them. When the person will not listen to people who are trying to tell him wat the problem is its best to lay it out straight for them as to the worst case.


i’m out too


I see it more like they’re doing their bit to ensure possibly ‘counterfeit’ goods are not recirculated into the market. Unfortunately common sense is a miss with Amazon, we know this, and they are a law to themselves but realistically they’ll never win and there is plenty enough help on the platform prior to starting to sell items - and perhaps other forum members maybe more forgiving if their help is being listened too, rather than brushed aside.


You’re not gonna get your mugs back (big fullstop). Made a mistake and try to learn from that.

Going ahead - Listem to what peaople are advising you here - that’ll surely help you if you intend to stay and sell on amazon.


Just to chime in here, if your mugs were legally obtained and do not infringe on any intellectual property (eg copyright or trademark) then Amazon have absolutely no legal right to hold or destroy your stock.

So, send them both an electronic and paper letter incl proof of ownership and supply, clearly state that the goods were obtained legally and that they do not infringe on any IP and inform Amazon that should they continue to hold the stock or destroy the stock you will be pursuing them for the loss incl any recovery costs.

Despite what others on here have said, they have no legal right to seize any legitimate goods and even if you have listed them under the incorrect ASIN, the problem here is with the advertisement you have used and not the goods themselves so the recourse for that is to recall any sent to customers or refund those customers and to cease that advertisement for those goods.

You are up against it because Amazon don’t have a working customer support system, that’s why you need to go at this hard and to the point and be prepared to follow up with a letter before action and then a MCOL.


tbf, amazon haven’t said they are doing this - op just can’t create a removal order atm
as stock is in processing


To be honest, Amazon should deactivate those listings. As products from suppliers such as Something Different are very popular and very competitive, some sellers open a new listing with their own brand which is obviously very very wrong. Then other sellers list their offers, sometimes not even realising they are doing something wrong. I have seen some opened years ago which are still active. I got my listings deactivated or removed from search for silly reasons such as no information about battery for a wallet, why are these listings still active?


I assume it would be on Something Different to report it. If they don’t, there is unlikely little amazon would be aware of.


This is the million dollar question with Amazon, way far too many people able to simply buy crap from abroad and list it as their own, then someone else buys the same crap from abroad to try and make a quick buck, Amazon go around chasing their own tail because their system is out of it’s depth and allows all manner of ridiculous entries to be made on top of each other, more people chime in doing the same thing and then they come on to the forums with no idea what they’re doing, no idea how to comprehend simple instructions because English isn’t their first language.

Lots of cloaks and daggers from foreign sellers, not registering with the appropriate authorities, getting angry when other sellers tell them it’s not going to work out for them then simply ignoring threads that they opened because they don’t like the answers.

Need we say any more!


True, but it’s a messy business, some suppliers don’t want to go near Amazon, I had the same issue with another supplier, their products have been hijacked and sold by all sorts of fake brands. I contacted them as I don’t want to sell products I can’t produce the invoices for (and most of the listings are wrong anyway) and they told me they don’t interfere with Amazon. Therefore I now sell their white label stuff.


Hey Sellers,

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I agree Amazon have not said this, buy lots of people on here are saying that you need to give up the expectation of getting your goods back.

UK law is strict on this, Amazon cannot legally obtain ownership or dispose of those goods once proof of ownership and authenticity is provided by the seller.

It’s actually contestable as to whether or not Amazon have any rights to hold or dispose of goods even where the goods do not have proof of ownership or authenticity, I think legally the burden is on Amazon to prove that they have not been legally obtained or are counterfiet.

Of course there’s a difference between what is required to sell on the platform and what is required legally to either seize or destroy stock in law.


Hey Amazon, seen this?


Likely just the tip of the iceberg, wonder how many “get stuff for free” FB pages there are.


I can understand but any wants to first understand what is the problem other is facing.
One should listen and understand the problem of others first and then give advice if one knows something.
Trying to put own standing into other’s mind will not work or help.


Actually, Amazon are legally obliged not to return stock that is deemed counterfeit.
As has been made patently clear on this and the other threads that the OP opened, he has been trying to sell something on a branded listing, that he does not have any invoices for or proof, that the product is the same.
As such, the simple fact of the matter is, that there is pretty much nothing that can be done, to get the stock back because of the legal implications.
If Amazon allow it and they get called on it, then they will have to pay. And as we all know, Amazon don’t pay, we do!