Inbound Transportation Fee


You have to call seller support and ask them to reopen that section of your account
You need to register with hmrc first
I believe you can do it anytime online


So i actually am already registered as self employed i also have my UTR number do i still need to inform HMRC?


For another business or this one ?
You don’t need to re-register you just add on the new business info when entering a tax return
You now need to contact seller support and ask them to reopen that section


I have been working as a self employed contractor in recent years. Ok thanks ill make contact with seller support.


You use the same UTR number
Speak with your accountant about the new business on here


For the purposes of Amazon they do require a fairly recent confirmation letter of your UTR so you may be as well ringing them and requesting one, especially if you have been registered with HMRC for a while, your original letter may be out of date for Amazon - they do need paper proof, not just you quoting your UTR.


Hi @JillyB1

Thanks for the advice, just wondering will i need to open a business account to sell as a sole-trader on here or will my current account do?



You need to change this account to a business account


Sorry i meant to say do i need to open a Business Bank Account?


I would as most personal bank accounts don’t permit business transactions and it separates out your transactions for ease of accounting


I would say definitely yes, do open a separate business bank account.
Makes things much easier when doing accounts, rather than trying to separate personal transactions from business ones.


Hi there can anyone recommend a Business Bank Account for me to use?
I was just in the process of setting up a Tide account but i have just read that Tide is not part of Amazons approved Payment Service Providers, Is this correct? Thanks.


Starling are acceptable as an online as are uk high street banks


Thanks may I also ask, I have spoke to my accountant and decided to open a LTD company, Does it matter that my Company Name doesn’t match my Amazon Seller Account Name?


You will need to change your amazon account to the ltd company and re go verification
The bank account must be in the ltd name too

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