Incorrect FBA measurement


Hello everyone

Is any one having insure with FBA measurement small and light? items checked with Royal Mail Guide measure before sending and the height is 2.5cm and less it s just go easy in, FBA say is 2.9cm height, I come with the images of proof and no results at all from them :frowning: as the Fee charge is £1.42 not £0.85 as suppose to be, any suggestion what to do?


Yes we have sometimes
Just go to help and type in the box ‘remeasure’ and it’ll take you to the page where you can enter the fnsku and request a remeasure

Make sure you use fnsku not asin so they measure yours

Edit - how heavy is the item ?


Yes, I do that I come with images and they keep saying is 2.9cm I don’t know how to sort this out


heavy is less then 100g


Is your product itself 2.5cm then requiring additional packaging ? As that would send it over


2.5cm and less included packing


Are you the only one on the listing ?
Have you asked them to check your stock by using fnsku and not asin or manufacturer barcode


I am the only one


Have you checked the measurements on the listing too ?


For this item they say is 2.6cm, I keep coming whit images and nothing


Are you asking them to remeasure through the official remeasure link or just through cases ?


Have you also double checked that they are actually still enrolled in small and light ?


before all was correct, recently-I will say 2-3 months a go start this changes


Check the skus on the small and light page


of course everything is done that needs to be done


Do you have much stock in fba ?
If not, maybe sell out and then create a new sku for the item (which will create new fnsku) and send in a small amount to see if it resets the size


I have try that, to do a new SKU and sent again, however when you roll in to small and light is coming up with a fee £1.42


Needs to be £0.85


What are the measurements on the listing ?


when first time I was open the listing all the measurement was correct, then after a wail they change the fee, I was ask for remeasurement and to refund the fee, and for 2 months can’t sort out the problem, I have proof images, one time they say, yes you right fee still stay £1.42 again I text the second time they say * Length: 27.71 cm

  • Width: 19 cm
  • Height: 2.59 cm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg