Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


It certainly would. Appears that returning overcharged fees has dropped quite low on the Amazon priority list :frowning:


I had the fees reimbursed on the 3rd.


Can you please let us know what they appeared under on the transaction tab? Was it ‘Other’?
Also did you have a case open and get a reply confirming the fees were refunded? Thanks.

@Maja_Amazon Any idea why this seller appears to have been reimbursed the overcharged fees and 4 days later many other are still waiting with no reply on this thread or any reply to open cases from seller support? Thank you.


On my statement view they are listed under “Other”. When downloading the flat file and put into my spreadsheet, they are listed as “Fee Adjustment - Item Fee Adjustment - FBA Pick & pack Fee”.

I had a case open regarding the fees, but was just told it was being investigated, and that I’d be contacted with the outcome. If I remember correctly, I had an email stating that I had been refunded (need to double check on that, though). But the case log was never updated.


Definitely no fee adjustments in my list.

Were they linked back to the correct order number?


Yes, but it’s not all of them, only a fairly small fraction of the total. I’ve just looked at the transactions since last disbursement to present, and there are more.

However, I’ve noticed they quote different case logs I’ve had, where one of them had Amazon think my question about the incorrect fees to be a request for remeasurement on several SKUs. So I’m wondering if I am just being reimbursed for the incorrect fees I’ve been charged on those SKUs, they also include orders that had the incorrect fees at the start of March, though.

I’ve also checked my emails and I didn’t get anything about the refunds. I think it’s most likely these are reimbursement fees for incorrect measurements. Sorry for the incorrect information.


No problem, thank you for replying and letting us know. It appears everyone is still waiting then.


Hello all!

I did not get any confirmation of the timeline from our teams.

Once I have any more details, I will let you know.



Did you by any chance raise a case giving these order numbers as examples of ones that have been overcharged? I raised a case giving an example and that order number has been reimbursed…but all the other orders have not been reimbursed yet.


Yes, in one of my cases, I gave several SKUs as examples. They have reimbursed me for those ones only, and that is just for the incorrect fees on the 1st of March.


Hi all!

The tech issue has been solved and fees are charged correctly as of March 1st. Our team is identifying impacted sellers and will inform them on the reimbursement process once they have all information. No action from sellers are required - the reimbursement will be done automatically.



many of my items are still showing fees as standard when they should be fba small&light fees
all are size 1cm x 10cm x 6cm and all under 100g and £9.99 in price


What fee are you being charged ? As the glitch was fixed for all of us


£1.71 FBA ( should be 86p ) not sure if that’s what I will be charged but it is what the estimate still says


have you tried dis-enrolling and re-enrolling them ?

in your inventory ? (as FBA fee, not inc referral ?)


tried with one 30 minutes ago and that has fixed it … going to be a pain to do all of them though


do them in bulk by adding the skus to the table here -


Hi Maja,

Still not received anything on this with no official update from Amazon on the case. Can you please see if there has been any update on timescales?


Still no reimbursements or word from Amazon. This is starting to drag on a bit now.



Agreed - will be writing to the MD at the end of the week if there is no resolution/ update