Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory



As already mentioned before, our internal teams are actively working on identifying all the Sellers impacted and creating the reimbursement process. Reimbursement will be done automatically.



Sorry but not buying this at all

Its been 2 weeks now.

I’m no spreadsheet whiz, but even I could make a good attempt at setting up a formula which would generate a list of all orders where the fees were charged at £1.71 but the product was enrolled in SnL… and then its not hard to refund those orders for the overpaid fees?


Yes it has now been 2 weeks since the initial issue. It would be nice to get an update of where we are with the time line for this.


Automatically happening but when? 1 month? 1 year? 5 years?

Starting to think the only we we will see these overcharged funds again is if we provide all affected orders to Seller Support.

More of our time and effort to be wasted due to Amazon incompetence. Fee’s go up and up and we get less and less help or support.


Still nothing Maja, any timescale update? Appreciate you’re in the middle here but I will be contacting MD office if no official timescale is provided within the next couple of days


Good luck, I did exactly that and got absolutely nowhere.


That’s worrying - what was the response you got from them?


They won’t look at the affected order numbers, only recent ones that obviously show the correct fee, now.


I’ve sent an email will keep you updated with what response I get


Hi all,

I have checked the status and can assure you that our teams are working on refunding the impacted accounts. As mentioned, the reimbursement will be done automatically and there is no need to contact Seller Support as the relevant teams were able to identify the orders that were overcharged.

If you want me to check that your account is on the list please send me a private message.

I’m afraid I don’t have any details on exact date when a refund will be processed but I can see that the teams are working on it, if I do get any details I will provide an update.



so its has been acted on then - just amazon holding the funds …


I wonder if Amazon will also be providing the interest that would have accrued had those funds been in Sellers’s savings accounts :thinking:


Has anyone received refunds for the overpaid fees yet?

I’m slightly concerned it is 4 weeks now. I would have expected this to be resolved in a few days.


No. I have bookmarked this thread and @Maja_Amazon confirmed my account is “on the list”.
I had a case open with SS but gave up and closed it after 5-6 fruitless backs and forts.


Okay thanks, guess we will just have to wait longer then!


Still nothing here. @Maja_Amazon has confirmed my account is ‘on the list’ too for reimbursement. Contact MD office about it who were about as much help as SS. Is there any update yet @Maja_Amazon?


@Maja_Amazon can you please get this updated to cm or mm, clearly set for the USA marketplace and not for UK/EU


Nothing here too. Getting quite annoying now, starting to think we will not see these overcharged funds again tbh.


Thanks for flagging Bang_Fancy_Dress!

I will check this out.



Any updates for the rest of us?