Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


It defies all logic. A simple matter of fee adjustment and yet a company the size of Amazon and all the resources at their disposal and they cock it up. :tired_face:


Same as everyone else, incorrect charges showing in inventory and also in the transaction view on payments page. Case ID 8469440922


The Estimated fee per unit sold has disappeared from my inventory all together now, so hopefully they’re working on it.


Mine disappeared for a little bit but it is back again now and still incorrect


This the bit I am most worried about I have already lost a fair chunk of money since Midnight. Any fix to this must include reimbursement of incorrectly paid fees not just putting the fees right going forward.


Absolutely. Have been on the phone with seller support and they were as useful as ever but hopefully the amount of people raising cases will lead to a quick resolution. We rely on high volume low margin and have seen most transactions since midnight leaving us owing Amazon money!

Hopefully they will automatically create reimbursements for all these orders once the issue is resolved.


My case number is 8469285492


I have just logged in and all of my S&L fees seem to have updated correctly overnight.

I am however trying to enrol new SKU’s that are now eligible and I keep getting the error message “The package weight does not meet the criteria for Small and Light.”. Weight is 440g and there is a new bracket for up to 460g.

All I can say is they’re definitely having problems. Hope they’re all worked out soon.


Opened, case ID 8467458302


I’ve just been asked to supply a sample ASIN / FNSKU for them to check :roll_eyes:


Case ID 8469874092


same issue here, 1.71 fee on a 2.45 product. luckily i had no stock with them on it. but if they want to manually size check it they wont be able too

i made a new listing for a variant of the same weight and size and thats got a fee of 1.03, so unsure if its too do with the size band or just a bug on older listings

Case ID: 8465664632


Same problem for me. Currently on a live chat with support so will see what they say.


Case ID: 8468724802


OK quite worryingly, I have gone to ‘add another condition’ and see what fee I’m given and it says -
FBA Standard - This item is not eligible for FBA Small and Light for the following reasons:

  • This product is not eligible for enrolment/disenrolment into/from the Small and Light programme. Please check programme eligibility requirements as well as your inventory status for disenrolment.


Other than this mess hows everyone’s day going?


Super busy now thanks to this bearing in mind it’s my day off :relieved:


I think someone has forgotten to put in the weight band for the lowest level of small and light so everything is defaulting to the standard band.

The Fee Preview report yesterday was showing that the upcoming rate was 86 pence but today it is showing the actual rate as £1.71…


The agent I talked to said this:
“I want to let you know that I have contacted our internal team regarding the same.
While I don’t currently have an update, I will follow up with you as soon as additional information is available.”

Seems like they don’t know either.