Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


I’m struggling to get mine to show the fees at all, most of the rows are blank, re order the page and some come back but its probably only showing about 10%


Keep refreshing - mine often does that


Not as good as hoped was hoping for a quiet day so can do without stress on Small and Light Fees

Yesterday was wasted as stock didn’t turn up as expected so that has come this morning and needs processing for FBA.

To top that the Kids were fussing first thing this morning as they have to go into school for their years but all the other years are off due to teacher strikes.

Some Beer needed tonight I think


Which is the exact “cut & paste” which I got. :tired_face:


Plenty busy, which is why I want my full returns, not the meagre 51p per item currently on offer :thinking:


Hello again!

I just wanted to assure you that the issue is being worked on by our teams with the priority.

Once I have more details, I will let you know in this thread.

For the ones affected - please make sure to open a case with Seller Support.



Thanks for the update it is appreciated


This is an absolute nightmare. How on earth are they going to sort this one out?
I’m supposed to keep a log of each sale I’m overcharged on??? Way too many sales to do that.

We need this sorted with upmost priority please Amazon. Seller do not need this stress at a time of massive unjustified fee rises. I’m fuming about this. Have so much to do and this added work and time!


For us just one asin is incorrect, all others seems to have a new and updated small & light fees. Or maybe the issue has just been resolved now x


I am hoping they will give reimbursements out automatically in the same way that they do for remeasurements. I don’t think we have to log anything that we are overcharged on…I am not planning on doing this at the moment.


if needs be it should be quite easy to download a transaction report and filter out the Small and Light ASIN’s anyway


Hi Maja,

Can you confirm if Amazon are also looking at the issue regarding the enrolment of SKU’s into the new higher weight brackets?

I.e. I have an SKU that qualifies under the new Standard envelope ≤ 33 cm x 23 cm x 2.5 cm - 460g bracket but I keep getting an error message "“The package weight does not meet the criteria for Small and Light.”



I’m getting the same fees gone from 65p to £1.71: :tired_face:


Case opened too 8469953812 as most of my S&L has jumped right up in fees.

Also, I am currently in a nightmare situation already with small & light. A lot of my best selling products have been measured wrong and no matter what I do or say to SS, I cannot get them to fix it. I’ve asked for photos and they do everything but send them to me. So rather than be small envelope, ie flat products, Amazon are saying they’re 3 or 4 cm thick. I’ve already had to pull back and discontinue a lot of products. Think this may be the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as FBA is concerned as there’s zero customer support to fix this despite us making £40k for them every year.

Executive team have gone quiet after telling me that the cubiscan was designed for cube like products…which basically means obscure products like mine won’t measure right and there’s no other system that will measure my items so suck up the extortionate and unfair fee or ditch S&L FBA.

I’m sure they’ll fix this though because many of us are affected but for those of us who have inventory up there that they refuse to measure correctly…its the end of the road.


Also affected by this and have opened a case.

However I would like to also point out that one of the items that sold before the fee increase with a purchase date of 26th Feb, and an Amazon ship by date of Mon 27th Feb was also charged at the new rate of £1.71 instead of the old rate of 65p

Seems they decided to delay charging me until 1st March for this one so it picked up the new fees! Very sneaky!


I have this issue with some of my cards they should be in the lowest tier but they are in the next tier up. It is a fair difference in price and I have managed to get some changed but others are impossible to change.

It is really frustrating as I know I pay more than I should have to.

As you say cubiscan isn’t really designed for really small products. They would be better using a tape measure and a pair of scales!


Same issue here and have just opened a case. Also I have checked transaction view in the payments section of my account and that is also showing this £1.71 which is very concerning, as this is what our accounts have been charged.


I got a reply to my case saying that they will do my remeasure request even though I never mentioned anything about remeasuring.

It seems to just be the fee that was 65p yesterday that is messed up. As far as I’m aware, the other fees have changed correctly.


An agent told me once that cubiscan couldn’t measure something to thin as a greeting card, so they have to put something on top of it to register, like a pen, or a key etc…

The cubiscan then measures the key as well, and we are charged storage and fulfilment fees based on selling a card with a key…

Considering one of my greeting cards measures nearly 2cm thick, they must have put a permanent marker on top!


Considering the price increase was supposed to come in today, the 1st March. Disturbed to see, 10pm last night, 28th Feb, a 65p fee jumped up to £1.71