Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


I have noticed that all my affected listings are showing no info for item dimensions, only package dimensions.

I filled them in, but it hasn’t made a difference to the FBA fee.


That might explain why they always get the thickness wrong then…it is a never ending battle trying to get them corrected.


if anyone needs to check there SNL fee price changes you can use this if you want.

Please disregard the mistake on ES pricing standard envelope 60g, this meant to be 1.61 with a 14.29% increase


Its annoying, because they clearly know their machine is not fit for purpose, but instead of lifting a ruler, they just make the measurements wrong. Some cards I am paying £1.03 I should only be paying 86p for (In new fees)

But try getting them to admit that. I’m guessing the person who told me that shouldn’t have, and no-one since has mentioned it, or admitted it happens.


Hi ThomasThomas!

I would suggest to wait until the issue is confirmed to be resolved and the we can recheck as the message you are getting can be connected to the fix the team is currently performing.



I’m in the same boat and it makes some cards really expensive for customers to buy. It would in Amazon’s interest to get this right as I could charge less and make more sales which in the end would be more commission for them.


That’s what happened to me. I pointed out a lot of my items were in higher tier than they should have been but rather than check this properly, they chucked the affected items into the scan and where fees should have been 65p, jumped up to £1.69, £1.76 and even £2.38…it’s virtually killed my business as I can’t trust this system anymore especially with seller central giving me the run around. Some cases have 20 plus attempts to get an honest photograph. When the odd one has come back and put back into the 86p bracket, I cannot get reimbursed for the overcharged fees…it’s absolute chaos here. I have lost all faith in Amazon right now so this sudden hike today doesn’t surprise me


The annoying thing is, I can send them photographic evidence that the card is 3mm thick, no embossing, embellishments etc.

And they will still argue that the machine says 2.3cm, tell me to go away as I can’t request another remeasurement of that item for 90 days.

Which is really unfair because they’re measuring it wrong! and charging me wrong!


Yes that cubiscan is not fit for purpose on anything other than boxes. I feel like if an envelope is warped slightly or curling up it will take that as the height of the envelope even though it isn’t.

It would be great if we could at least get a picture of the measurement being taken so we can see what’s happening but you’ve got more chance getting blood out a stone.


Where rulers are scientific and honest but somehow, Amazon doesn’t want to use them. What a way to make money? As if they don’t make enough without relying on a flawed system where sellers of small items pay a higher price than advertised.


Well they’ve hit the jackpot this morning, I am literally paying them to sell things for me!


I thought my 10p profit was bad, jeez.


Haha I have a few items where I am am paying them 10p.

And thanks to one item that was posted on 27th but invoiced today (sneaky gits!) I’m down 35p!


Case ID: 8470199972


I’ve had a few like that, it’s like the wild west :mask:


I also have this same problem very regularly which is frustrating, knowing that my products are less than 0.5cm thick but still losing out on over half my margin sometimes being charged £0.86 incorrectly.

Maybe this topic deserved a thread of it’s own so that an Amazon agent could look into it for us and possibly find a solution for tiny products.

Occasionally i send in my own photo’s to seller support to try and help them.


All of my Asins are also affected - Case ID: 8468535092


It probably does need a thread of its own as it appears many of us are impacted by this problem.

Sadly though I don’t think anything will change unless Amazon invest in some tape measures so they can measure correctly!

It doesn’t help that you are limited to only 20 remeasurement cases a month. I have around 1000 FBA items now and so many are wrong and some get randomly changed to very high fees, every month I have to prioritise what I get remeasured knowing that some will remain incorrect.


I’ll start a new thread. Meanwhile - for anyone affected by the crazy hike this morning - my advise is to avoid giving SS any FNSKU details as they, in my opinion will simply use up a re-measurement as that’s the only word they look out for and answer accordingly - not sure if they have the capability of dealing with this, massive problem


Reassuring reply from SS!

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you are facing issues wherein incorrect fees is being charged for all units in-spite of being enrolled in small and light.

I hold high regards for your concern and understand how frustrating it would be for you.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to incorrect fees being charged and will surely assist you in this matter.

In this regard, I would like to inform you that our teams are investigating to provide a resolution towards this on going issue.

This issue would be sorted out and the fees would be updated automatically.

Your patience and understanding in this matter would be highly appreciated.