Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


I think if enough of us are experiencing problems with this then we stand a chance.

I was told by seller support at one point you need to wait at least 15 days before requesting a remeasurement of the same SKU otherwise they will just autogenerate the same incorrect measurement as before.

So now I am logging the dates in a calendar that I need to request remeasurement.

When something gets randomly changed to an incorrect fee it often renders that SKU unprofitable for me until I can get it resolves sometimes months later.

It would be so amazing to get this addressed.


Yes, the same has just happened to me :worried:


RE- Re-measurement/incorrect fee due to size errors.
I’ve started a new thread

S&L cubiscan measurement issues and products in the wrong fee tier](S&L cubiscan measurement issues and products in the wrong fee tier)’


Hello, I’ve also seen that small and light large letters have gone up from £0.86 to £1.03, and small parcels have gone from £2.43 to £2.58 as of today.


thats correct and was annouced


They are the correct increases. Amazon did publish new rates a few weeks ago.

As far as I know it is only the former 65p rate which should now be 86p which is incorrect and needs fixing.


Here is my case ID: 8470611172


Alright. Thanks for your reply. I will look into this.



Just had a response from SS that waffled on at first about skus being over the threshold price for s&l - even though I haven’t even given a sku for them to check however , they did go on to say this which is hopeful

I would also like to inform you that our internal team confirmed that there is a fee issue from the Fees technical team’s side who is driving the deployment for the fix. At this time,our team has not declared any estimated time for the issue, however, I would request you to have patience as we expect this issue to be resolved soon and any discrepancy in selling fees and seller central would be looked upon as well.


Case ID: 8470964762


Case ID: 8468852432


Case ID: 8469155842


@The_Little_Shop thanks a lot for sharing this.

I can confirm that our teams have been able to identify the root cause of the issue and they are working on deploying the fix. Once it is done, the team will work on disbursements.



Oh dear - just had this response about the fee hike - no wonder why I think we need better seller support.

‘We understand that you are concerned about your listing being Stranded after enrolling in Small and Light program of Amazon.’

Is this really the only way we can get our fees back to normal? This is frightening.

Case reference 8469953812


Case ID: 8471074722


Seller Support worse than useless…again !

I’ve just had a message which states that this is all about dimensional changes putting items into a different band, which is utter tosh because our items are the smallest of the S&L bands !!


Same here. Case ID: 8470269272


Case ID: 8469720012


It’s odd because standard envelope under 60 grams was 86p yesterday and £1.03 so has been unaffected - everything else has gone haywire - mainly small envelope size