Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


As far as I can tell there are two specific issues affecting everybody:

  1. Small envelope in S&L being charged at £1.71 instead of £0.86
  2. Unable to enrol heavier (≤960g) Large & Extra Large Envelope-sized items into the S&L program

I’ve also noticed dimensions have changed on quite a few items putting them into a higher tier. Appears to be from Standard Envelope to Large Envelope, with no rhyme or reason as to items affected.


That’s probably due to dimensional measurements.


Hi all,

My issue is that several of my SKUs that have been enrolled on small and light for some time and still are today (according to the enrollement tool) have this morning changed to ‘domestic’ for their fulfillement programme on the ‘manage all inventory’ screen, on the drop down that displays the FBA fees breakdown.

I tried to re-enroll these products but naturally I can not do this because the system believes they are already in the S&L programme. Seller support wants to remeasure them, which, of course, will not fix a computer error. All very frustrating and time-consuming for us sellers and Amazon support personnel.


this is the same issue we are all facing



This issue would appear to be Europe wide as we have products that should be classed in the lowest Small & Light bracket in Germany and the fees being charged are the Standard FBA fees.

Case ID is 8469398692



Yes, I can confirm that the issue is affecting various EU Marketplaces.


In this case, the thickness has been altered in the fee breakdown section on the inventory page, but the actual product dimensions on the item page (and the ‘edit item’ page) are different, and also incorrect.


I’m having a nightmare again with SS.

I am not giving them a FNSKU as they’ll mess it up and will try to re-measure then put a completely different measurement in - meaning another battle trying to get it back to where it is now.

Please can you let me know if we have to keep re-opening our cases when SS are clueless as to what is happening or can you escalate my case appropriately without me having to continue to battle…thanks in advance

Case number 8469953812


Message deleted


In the last few mins two of my problem products have had their fees set to the correct S&L rates automatically, but even on those products they are still showing as ‘domestic’ on the ‘manage all inventory’ screen even though the fee rates are now correct.


Some of mine are also now starting to show the correct fee. Bit hit and miss, but maybe they are running through them in batches etc,.


A lot of mine are showing correctly now.


I will make sure all the cases opened by the Sellers affected by today’s issue will be addressed properly :slight_smile:


Mine are starting to show correct rates as well. Can’t see any with the incorrect rate but I’m on my mobile so not easy to see.

Hopefully reimbursing the over charges are next on the list to do!


@Maja_Amazon . I created a case (ID 8467719812) regarding this issue and I have just received a reply stating that I am required to provide information before they can act. Shown below is part of the message I just received.

Please respond to this message with some additional information so I can address your concerns:

  • The order ID which associated with Small & Light program fee.
  • ASINs for which you were charged incorrectly
  • Fnsku
  • Impacted marketplace where you being charged incorrectly for small and light program.

I request you take this extra step and provide with all the information needed so that I can ensure you get the correct resolution for your query.

Once I receive this information, I will be happy to continue researching this matter.

I appreciate your understanding on our process and policies.

This is exactly what I was worried about. I do not have the time to nor should I be expected to be providing order ID’s/ASIN’s/FNSKU’s for hundreds of orders for various products that Amazon have incorrectly charged me for.

Can you please confirm that I do not have to do this and that I’m ok to respond to seller support explaining that I will not be providing that information? Thank you.


Snap !
Still a few with the incorrect rates but hopefully they will all resolve shortly :smiley:

Nothing like a midweek heart failure to get the blood pumping !! I shouldn’t joke, seeing as I have 4 stents in my heart :dizzy_face:


Same here, some are updating correctly and some still showing the wrong fee’s


@Maja_Amazon Please could you check and confirm that we will be refunded the extra FBA fees that have been incorrectly charged today? Do we need to do anything to make that happen or will this be done automatically? I am sure we all will appreciate a definitive response to this.


All my listings have now been set to the correct S&L rates and the correct fulfillement programme name is also beginning to appear on the problematic listings, too. It appears that the this S&L issue is being addressed.


Thank you. case ID: 8471466512