Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


Mine are correct too - phew


Hello NicheAtHome!

Please answer the case by saying that you are aware of the technical issue and that many of your orders have been affected.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Maja

I told them this in the original text when I opened the case! I explained that it is a known issue and a moderator on the forum asked me to open a case to let them know I was affected. Will the funds be refunded to sellers automatically without needing to supply information?
Thank you


hello, i have been having issues with some of my small and lights and just regular products. has anyone else? case 8469428152


Once I have the official updates - I will let you know.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


ours looks sorted now - back to 86p. Is this amazon’s way of making us feel grateful we’re paying 86p for fulfilment now, not 65p?!!!


All of ours have completely resolved now. Thank you @Maja_Amazon for your assistance :slight_smile:


@Maja_Amazon please could you answer, thanks


You’ll need to start a new thread if its not related to this issue which has now been fixed


Hello PrimeDelivery2You! The issue was affecting Small and Light fees.


For those who were impacted by the issue:

Can you please confirm the issue was fixed for you by liking this message?


yes and my products are also small and light im talking about that havent been fixed


What issue are you seeing ?
Are your ones that were 65p yesterday, and should be 86p today, showing as £1.71 ?


Where can I find this please? I don;t remember anything about being told S n L fees were being increased.


Where did you get this table from. I’ve just checked on seller central…it’s still the old fees.
What’s going on?


Confirming that mine are now correct (well I assume they all are I only checked first 5 pages)

Confirmed that my new orders are now being charged the correct rate as well.

Still waiting on a refund for the incorrect charges though


There was an announcement back in January warning that the fees will increase from today


My latest response from SS!!


Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

We understand your concern regarding the incorrect fees applied to your listings.

Amazon apologies for all the frustration this has caused you.

Please note that we are not aware what technical issues you are referring to.

If you believe that incorrect fees were applied to your listings, you must send us the listing and order example in order to investigate them. You also need to include the incorrect fee, why it is incorrect and the correct one.

What! - they’re not aware & want me to list every one!


They are aware, maybe you got someone who has just come on shift. You don’t need to list every one.


new fees on there… the table i created myself, if you want the one for the normal fees like ive done for snl just ask :slight_smile: