Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


Thanks for your help in this matter, but still awaiting response from you regarding whether the incorrectly charged fees will be reimbursed automatically or we have to provide cumbersome information in order to get the refunds. @Maja_Amazon


They have said that any overpayments will be refunded automatically.


Where have “they” said this?


Hi No mine are still wrong only 3 or 4 though but have opened a case [Case ID: 8471800742],


Just posting this here as reference.

Going to have to compare costs with Royal Mail as it may be cheaper than Amz SnL.


Most likely a RM increase in the next few months


Hi, a bit abrupt but here you go…


At least you have got a reply I have had no response from the case I logged just after 8.


Apologies Betsy - didn’t mean to be abrupt. Thank you for your reply. Was this a response to a specific case raised by you or more system-wide message from Amazon? Reason I ask is that I have received moronic responses earlier today from seller support staff just pointing me to the new FBA fee schedule with no knowledge of the specific problem, so I am concerned that this will be a piecemeal solution to this issue and we will actually have to jump through hoops trying to get our refunds. (Which is all so convenient for Amazon seeing as how this obscures an eye-watering 32.3% increase in fees of the bottom tier of SnL!)


No worries, yes it was a specific response, there are a few posted on this thread where SS are acknowledging there is an issue and that it is being worked on. :slight_smile:


Yes - it has been worked on as I am now seeing the correct fees on my items. However, I remain concerned that the orders that have gone through with the £1.71 fee are not going to be reimbursed without needing to provide all sorts of cumbersome order details etc (if at all).


To be honest I think Amazon will refund the over charged fees with no fuss. There is never any problem getting refunded after a remeasurement and I can’t see this being any different.

What is most annoying and happens every time we have a problem is that there is no official update from Amazon about what is going on and what they are going to do to fix the issue. It needs to be taken away that communication could be a lot better when an incident happens.

Although @Maja_Amazon has been good at updating us today which feels a step forward from issues we had in the past. But these updates are only visible to those who read this thread.


I imagine sorting out the money for the various orders may take a little while longer than correcting the initial fault.


Yep…56p to send a 2nd class letter compared to 86p S&L…That’s quite a big difference for us with lower priced items…waiting for RM to adjust OBA with our VAT registration and it’ll be a no brainer


Case #8470799502


Same here, I noticed the change today. If only there was a real person to tell! I reckon the auto blob that is Amz will reimburse us at some point…


case # 8469797452


Only it won’t be 56p to send a 2nd class letter anymore, it will be 68p from Amazon.

Also the 68p is to send an item untracked with a delivery service that takes 2-3 working days.

the 86p is to send an item fully tracked which is, more often than not, next day delivery…


It is also likely that RM prices will increase in the near future and the 68p that RM charges as standard may well be nearer the 86p Amazon are charging currently.

All these price increases though make small letter items very expensive on Amazon…I am sure some sellers haven’t yet realised this as there are many who don’t seem to have increased prices . I also notice one of my competitors lowering their prices today to be below me on a number of lines…at a time when margins are tight I am really not going to get into a price war and just keep my prices as they are.


I think this is related to Amazon’s new rule about calculating price based on the packaging dimension rather than weight. So if your packaging dimension is incorrect or not accurate you will be charged more. The new rule is something LxWxH = / 5000 you get the weight and then whichever is higher Amazon will charge fee on the basis.