Inventory lost at the warehouse, they won`t refund me


Hi, it may be worth running the FBA Inventory Ledger report - enter your merchant sku, set it to detailed view, with the event type set to “receipts” see if they ever declared receiving 60 units. I have had this previously where they say nope, they counted and re-counted and have confirmed that the amount of units received is less than I declared but the inventory ledger report showed the correct amount as being received and amazon lost the units during internal transfers between FC’s.


yeah not a helpful comment from them was it good luck resolving your issue


Your could try show that the carrier picked up cartons weighing X Kg and the amount that they have booked in is only 16/60 x Xkg and ask for the weight of the cartons received. If it’s X Kg then you can excalate the case. If it’s only 16/60 x X kg then can they claim off the partnered carrier.


it’s not a partner carrier, they were delivered by the suppliers but have a receipted delivery note agreeing to the units. It appears to me as an obvious counting error and looks like they have scanned in and clicked the wrong count.

My theory is that they have done a product scan and hit 10 units then plus 6 units rather than 6 boxes hence you come up with 16 units instead of 60.

My opinion would be different if there was a multiple of 10 short, 16 would mean full boxes and a part box missing.


This is good advice. In most cases where I have missing inventory I can see that they received all the units correctly but the units go missing later in the process.

I did some digging into this a few months ago and it appears that the units go missing when they transfer them from one fulfilment centre to another. There is very much a process or system issue which needs fixing.


Thinking about things that have happened to me it may be possible that some cases (of 6) have been checked in as one unit. The maths still doesn’t stack up but it’s worth checking the size and weights they have and asking them to check the inventory in the warehouse. I’d be making sure the items they have weren’t able to be sold until you resolve.
You need to try and exhaust every possibility however extreme. You may want to try recalling the stock they have to check for yourself.


I have three separate cases identical to this running at the moment - all from shipments in the last 2 weeks. They keep sending cut and paste replies “we’ve checked and double checked and we cant find them so hard luck” I keep sending them back with instructions to escalate - which they ignore two or three times but then eventually do. This is obviously a massive problem and they are trying to stop reimbursing people by blanking us. Dont give up - keep reopening the cases and then write to MD if necessary. Like everything with Amazon you have to be persistent.


Exactly this. The only times i have had issues is when they claim items were not received. But it clearly shows that they were and have being lost when making a FC transfer. My only advice would be to persist and show as much info as you can along the process and any tracking info.

Also to look out for when items have being ‘lost’ and then ‘found’ they have placed different stickers on the box or product, again causing issues


Hello KomTradeLtd!

Can you provide me with the case IDs you opened with Seller Support?



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Hello Maya,

Thanks for your interest.

ID 8541864182


I`ll give you the other IDs as well:

ID 8541846192
ID 8541035202


To make an error like this you would need to understand Eastern European languages:

The original shipment of 60 boxes or șaizeci in Romanian for example
sounds a bit like 16 or șaisprezece in a loud warehouse

16 is not even a factor of 60 so it’s not whole cases that are lost?

so your șaizeci has got an extra prez in the middle… making it 16??


16 and 60 also sounds very similar in English


I have reopened the case many times, the last one today.
I wrote a very simple email, one that would make sense even to a 5-year-old child.
I`ll share it with you, as a way to share my frustration.

"Hi there,

If you double-check the proof of the delivery attached to this email, you’ll see that all 10 cases have been checked in.
That means that Mr “Larry” (that`s the name of the guy who checked the cases in, as written on the POD) counted 10 cases and put the amazon stamp on the document.

10 is the number of cases I bought from my supplier, as shown on the Invoice, attached to this email too.

That`s not a coincidence.

I bought 10, I sent you 10, and Larry confirmed 10.
These are facts and I have documents to prove them.

Each case contains 6 units. That is (10x6)=60
Maybe whoever counted did (10+6)=16, instead of 10x6=60. I don`t know that.
What I know is that you manage to lose 44 units.
Please refund me for the 44 units or find them and put them in my inventory to be sold.


POD, Invoice"

To this email, they have replied with the usual, “we counted and re-counted and re-counted” thing, plus:

"…Kindly note: This is the final outcome for this case and reopening the case will not change the outcome…"

So I guess now my only option is to speak with the managing director, maybe a Letter Before Action is the right thing to send.
Do you guys have any samples to share?


Thanks! Reaching you via direct message.


This is copy and paste reply from Selling support. They never physically count units, possibly robots counting it, with some reason if robot couldn’t scan it they marked it not receive it. We are experiencing this all the time, sometimes they find missing units few months after(although they initially said that it was physically counted), sometimes never recovered. If we have loses in few pounds we just ignore it but if there are big losses we have go to small claims court. We pack all shipments to FBA warehouses under video recording, I recommend all sellers to do so.


Yeah, the answers from Seller Support start to say " This is the final outcome for this case and reopening the case will not change the outcome" and then all of a sudden when you say you are going to escalate to the MD, a reimbursement magically appears.:thinking: