Inventory marked as Defective without reason




Hi Yes we have had the same issue when sending goods to FBA Germany, sent 288 and they sold 40 and now 248 are defective, no explanation just we have to create a removal order which in freight and duties are going to cost a fortune, they say they can not tell us why or provide photos. any help appreciated.


@Just_Pudding_Basins Do you have return address in Germany ?


No unfortunately not, there is nothing wrong with the product that we know off, all photographed and barcoded correctly but its a brick wall with them.


Unfortunately then you can only dispose, they won’t remove cross border


We spoke to Amazon yesterday and are hoping that they come good with what they say in regards to sending us photographs of the product so that we can work out whats happening as stock to expensive to destroy!


When you get them, upload them
I recall another seller being good at checking barcodes/labels


Yes will do hopefully will be by tomorrow!


@Nickolas_Amazon Could you please take a look at the message I sent and let me know what the issue is and if you can escalate it? Thanks


@Nickolas_Amazon Also, I sent you a DM about same issue, and case we have open.


Have you all checked your responsible person dashboard ?


@MLE Did Nikolas reply to you? Not even opened mine


Nickolas has not been ‘seen’ since March 2nd therefore presumably on holiday etc
try another mod - @Maja_Amazon or @Julia_Amazon


No, have nothing heard anything. I just forwarded my case to, who forwarded on to seller support - who have replied saying

I know how frustrating it can be and I deeply regret for the hassle and understand how something like this can really test our patience. I will ensure that you receive the accurate information.

However, regarding this issue, I would like to inform you that the items are being transshipped to different warehouse. Until it reaches the destination FC we are unable to move the units to sellable or identify the defects.

We request you to have patience, as Transfers may take up to 22 to 25 days to complete. In some cases, transfers may take longer and investigation may be required (for example, delays due to COVID-19 restrictions or weather restrictions).

The thing is the units have already been transferred and are in EUK5, and the response I just received just ignore all the questions I sent to


EDIT: I now have a reply from seller support which details the exact reason,
UPF rating on the product, needing to fill out declaration of conformity and uploading supporting reports/EN standards which the product meets.



@Nickolas_Amazon changed the department 2 weeks ago but me & @Julia_Amazon & @Winston_Amazon are here to support you :slight_smile:

NVC and MLE would you mind sending me the details about your cases so I can see if there is anything I can support you with?




After lots of toing and froing with seller support, and then emailing , and asking for our case to be escalated to a higher level of support - our case has been resolved.

All stock that was marked DEFECTIVE is now SELLABLE, with the exception of one ASIN that had the wrong transparency label affixed.

We have previously sent in these units for FBA, so I was 100% convinced that they should have been SELLABLE. Each time seller support came back with what I thought was not correct, I questioned it.

For the last ASIN, they said they didn’t have transparency labels affixed. I know 100% they all did. So I asked them to check the units and send me a photo showing that they didn’t have the labels affixed.

4 hours later the ASIN is SELLABLE.


Hi @Maja_Amazon & @Julia_Amazo - Having same issue here on a shipment that then took all the stock into defective status. FBA15GP3RJYB (B09LYW23Q2 and B09MLKXHPC). Support states to create removal order but “stock not availble for removal”

I have a case open but going around in circles. Thanks.


Hello Tecware_UK!

Thanks for sharing, did you open a case with Seller Support? If yes, could you provide me with the case ID?



Hi @Maja_Amazon/ @Julia_Amazon

I provided all my documents in RP dashboard and it shows completed however my units are still showing as defective.

I had issue with 2 ASINs one of them had move most of the units move back to sellable however there are still 93 units that are showing as defective I have been chasing SS and now they are saying that I need to remove them so my question to them was why only 93 are left as defective and rest as moved to sellable and they dont have answer for I am only getting template answer that I need to create removal order for them.

Then on my second ASIN there 53 units that were left as defective and all other were moved to sellable, now last week 33 disappeared suddenly they are not showing in sellable nor in defective I have been chasing SS to explain where those 33 units have gone and why 20 are still marked as defective its been almost a month now and all I get is same message that its been investigated.

Let me know if you need case ID for them and I will DM you.



Hello Anwar!

Thanks for tagging us.

If you could send me the case ID in the private message - that would be helpful :slight_smile: