Large shipment separated into 2 warehouses


Wow ok I’ll definitely give it a go. I used to use Refund Genie years back so there might not be as much there but worth a try!

Does it involve much work from you? Or does it pull everything from Amazon and do it automatically?


It will pull in all of the sales etc and populate the products, but you will need to setup prices, shipping etc.


Just tried this out, and the data it’s pulling through is shown much more conscisely (and readable) compared to looking at SellerCentral 100 times a day.

Some of the VAT and alert options seem to be greyed out / disabled for some reason, but other than that… +1 for this software so far.


It can be a bit of a pain to use properly, you really do have to keep on top of it and the more lines you have, the more difficult to do so.
But it does exactly what it says on the tin. :slight_smile:

I mostly use it to keep track for reimbursements etc, the rest is just a nice to have. :slight_smile:
Getting to the stage, where it’s just too much to use, with so many SKU’s.


I think it’s having a bit of a meltdown trying to import just the recent data from my account, but even the data on todays sales alone is all useful.
Thanks for the reference to it. :trophy:


Give it at least 24 hours. When in it initially loaded mine, it actually took a couple of days. But it was a LOT of transactions…

And your welcome. :slight_smile: