No fulfilment centres capable of receiving this item


I am new to selling on amazon and every time I have created a listing, it keeps saying that their is no fulfilment centres that are able to receive my products. Now I am in the UK and we have hundreds of different locations and everything was working perfectly fine, but now I have ordered and received my products to my house (to check over the product as it was my first time buying from the supplier), now for some reason I cant ship my items off to an FBA Warehouse. How do I get around this and start getting my items up for sale?


Check the product and package dimensions and weight
Is it hazmat ?


No it isn’t. They are 5ml refillable travel perfume/aftershave bottles. They don’t cause a choking hazard (although the item is visible inside the box they are in)


Are they empty ?
Perfume itself may be picked up as hazmat possibly

Are the dimensions correct ?


Yeah all dimensions are correct and yes they come empty as they are for people to fill them up themselves before travelling/taking to work etc


Go back into edit the listing in inventory and make sure all safety boxes etc that are required are filled in


Will do. They should all be correct anyway but I will make sure that they are done properly. Thank you


Whats the asin ?


B07HH2LYLQ This should be the ASIN


Is yours the same product and more specifically the same brand as its been on here 5 years ?

I would say the word perfume maybe flagging it as hazmat


I have used the template for this product, the item is exactly the same as the item shown, but they are not filled up, just like on the listing there. Would it be an idea for me to create my own listing and go from there to avoid all of this hassle as everything I have input is correct?


Unless your product has the same brand and barcode number, you shouldn’t be listing on it


Okay, I understand


hi i am having same issue no fullfillment centre is ready to take my candles can you help plz


Check your dimensions and listing stating hazmat or not
Are you send from uk address ?


yes its uk address and dimention ive measured also weight off the box all looks fine still im having issue


Not the box , the package dimensions on the listing

Oh and I presume you mean scented candles not birthday sparkler candles etc


if i give you my asin would you be able to look than maybe i can explain better


yes they are scented candles


Yes what’s the asin ?