No option to upload the required documents


I keep telling you and I am not saying it after this… there was NO REASON as to why it was deactivated and if you care to look at my proper website you will see my VAT registration at the bottom of the page on the left hand side. I have a legal business and pay all my taxes. Amazon won’t be getting another penny as I have removed my products and have absolutely no desire to go round in any more circles with a company that won’t even respond by phone, chat or email. This thread is about someone elses problem so please go help them. I only commented that I had the same problem.


But if you let people help then you may be able to get reactivated and then close your account. If that storefront is yours, you need to fix the non matching details before trying for verification again. Your vat number goes to a different address than is listed as your business address for example and amazon will pick up on that


Hello @Wah_Mart1 ,

Thank you so much for posting your post here.

We are here, to help you in addressing your issues.

From your post, We understand that you need help with reactivation of your selling account.

As previous submissions were not valid, hence submit option would have been put on hold.

Please go through the policy pages attached here to get the better understanding of requirement of the documents click 1. here
2. here

For better understanding please go through the performance notification that was sent to you when your account was deactivated

You can find the detailed information by following the below pathway :

Seller central > Performance > Performance notifications

For any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us as I and the forum community are always here to assist you.




Is this one you ?


Several of us have asked the OP to post that, but the problem is they have said several times, to quote:

…there was NO REASON as to why it was deactivated


That’s a different person :slight_smile:


I asked that this morning but got no answer


Certainly explains the deactivation though …


Thanks @Mary_Amazon for your response as 1st time i am replying to a real person not a bot.

ya you are absolutely right that i am here to reactivate my account as i have tried my best and provide all the required documents but not verified.
i got an email that look through your performance notification or through your account health identity notification to provide further details .
1st thing as you know that the option for submitting further documents are on hold mean i can not submit there.
2nd thing i do not understand what is there special in performance notification as i checked it hundred of time there is only few old notification that i got 2 months ago when my account was deactivated .there is no new notification or option to upload the documents or to do something regarding account verification.

i would like to here more from you or it would be more better to guide me regarding this issue.
Looking forward for your positive response.

Many thanks

Waheed Ullah


On your profile history there is another thread on what I think is German site stating you were trying to register as an individual

If you are in Germany, you cannot register in uk as an individual seller, you must be a registered business seller


same issue although i have no past selling history it was completely new account i have provided all the required documents.
Bank details.
land line details.
birth certificate.
each and every thing but still they not verified my account.


Hi @The_Little_Shop are you talking about me??


Yes I am…


you are right but not Germany i have created from netherland as an individual but as you know individual sellers are not allowed to resell so i have attached UK LTD company with my account now my account is business professional account not individual.


When and how did you change the account from individual to ltd ?


10 days after creation an individual account.


Did you create a new account or change the first one over to be a ltd company?


change the first one to ltd…coz according to amazon we can not resell on individual account . so i attached ltd company with that account.


Go to settings- account info - identity information
Can you see your ltd company details and you as beneficial owner ?
Anywhere there to upload docs ?


i can see the ltd business information but not primary contact details… as they not verified that.
they rejected all the doc and now they locked the option of submitting the doc.