No option to upload the required documents


Hello @Wah_Mart1 ,

I’m Abella from Amazon, here to assist you.

From the post above, I understand that you have concerns related to “Identity verification”.

What information do I need to provide in the document to prove ownership of bank account?

Amazon Payments UK needs to verify the name and number of the bank account that you have registered with us. Document acceptance criteria:

Account Number: The document must mention the account number and match a bank account that you have registered with Amazon Payments for disbursements.

Account Holder’s Name: The name of the account holder must be mentioned in the document and it needs to match the name of the selling entity (for example, business name, name of the seller for private person).

Important Note: Beneficial Owner’s (for example, shareholders) name may not be accepted for a business seller. This depends on local regulations.

Bank Name/Logo: Either the bank name, or the logo, or both must be clearly visible in the document.

Date: If the document issued date is available, it should not be past 180 days.

Make sure the information you have entered in Seller Central is complete and accurate so that the verifications can be done swiftly.

To Know more about Verification Process please click here.

There are several reasons why team may have declined to open your account. It may be because team were unable to verify your identity as required by applicable legislation.

Providing incomplete or inaccurate information is a common reason why verification may not be successful.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.



Hello @Abella_Amazon
Appreciate your reply … and thanks too for your response.
You have mention each and every thing in email but I have provided each and every thing but i can say more then that things to verify my seller account.
but every thing got rejected don’t know why.
all the documents was clearly scanned and stapmted and signed but still not verified.

I can do video verification again if they asked and can provide all the documents again but not seems they want to verify it.
Looking forward for some positive response.

thank you


Hello @Wah_Mart,

This is Ash from Amazon, and would assist you with your questions above.

Did you make sure all the documents are meeting the above criteria ?

All the documents which is not meeting the above criteria, will be deemed as invalid.

Did you make any changes like name or address in any of the documents ?

In case of any alterations or manipulations of the above requested document can be another reason for the appeal rejection.

Once your appeal gets rejected, you will get notified in your personal email by the performance team.

Kindly check the email from the performance team, and take actions accordingly.



Dear @Ash_Amazon
All of my documents were according to the criteria.
it was scanned and in pdf form no alteration were there.
i have provided many documents not a single that they made
excuse of error in them.


Bro I am also stuck in this issue from last 5 months


Bro I am facing same issue and it is like a nightmare but from the above post of Abella I think that there are asking for the bank account verification documents which will be in the name of business so if you are from Netherlands it will be hard for you as for me I am also non UK resident and as per amazon police they don’t accept the internet bank statement so here is confusion how we will provide that details or they should tell us any other alternative documents for verification.