Only four weeks left to register your LUCID number to stay compliant with German EPR Packaging laws


Amazon EPR guide covers Germany only. Is there one for France please?

Which company are you guys using for France please?


The map -

You can report as little or as often as you want.


There is such a lack of information on this and confirmation that Amazon are happy with the number you have provided.


Thank you

I’m currently signing up via the LUCID, but where it ask for VAT number, did you use your UK or German VAT number please?


I’m not VAT registered, so didn’t enter any VAT number. Can’t fully remember the form, but did put in my UTR instead in one (maybe 2) places. They just need a unique tax ref ID they can reconcile with HMRC if ever needed.


Ok thanks for your reply anyway.

Anyone that is registered for VAT in UK and Germany, did you use your UK or Germany VAT number when registering for LUCID please?



I am a little confused.

I am based in the uk and sell on and

I sell tube inserts, felt pads and other small furniture parts. We pick these in our warehouse in the UK and pack them in small cardboard boxes (10cmx8cmx6cm or larger ones 20cmx15cmx15cm depending on the order size, sometimes in clear poly bags and wrap them with corrugated carboard large letter size) and then put them in poly mailing bags, label them with the shipping address and send them to Germany & France.

Do I still need to apply for LUCID and do I need to pay for a yearly service for these to be disposed of in Germany or France (through )

Thanks for your help and guidance in advance


Yes. Someone needs to deal with the packaging and they’re making us pay for it. This is not new. It started a few years ago. Check the map here for each EU country -

It’s only coming to the fore now because Germany are going to make the marketplaces (i.e Amazon) liable if they don’t know if we’re registered and paid up. France will be doing the same too. Just don’t ask about Spain and Greece!

Germany is fairly cheap via Reclay - I paid under 10EU.
For France, I used Reclay too - and chose the basic ‘under 10k units/year option’ for 80EU.

There’s lots of posts and info in this thread too about it if you get stuck.


Germay was free and very easy. We ended up going through a company called Leko to get registered for France. This is €80 a year and their year goes from Jan to Dec so you only get half a year for this price if registering now. I would advise to get onto their system quickly as we have just had email saying we’ll get number etc. within 48 hours which may be too late.