Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


What a nightmare! Thanks for the update. I’m glad you’ve managed to semi-resolve some of the issues. I wonder how many others are experiencing the same issues.


Anyone noticed a new feature?
Inventory - Manage Product Documents
I wonder if this is how we will be able to submit REACH docs from now on for our ASIN’s?
I’ve not used it yet - has anyone?


Not for REACH but for adding a user guide for a product. It will only work I think if you are Brand Registered and the ASIN is assigned to one of your Brand Registered brands


Thank you.
I wonder could it be adapted though for REACH purposes as this is the whole issue at the moment - there’s no where to upload the required documents. We can only hope.


I thought I’d update regarding my products.

I’ve just received emails regarding the 18 products that were removed due to REACH. I had submitted most of the declarations on the 20 October (the same day as they were taken down) and they’ve now all been approved. So it’s taken exactly 7 weeks to hear back and get approval. So in case, anyone’s still waiting on approval after submitting declarations it is taking quite some time.


I too had an email this morning regarding a similar number of ASIN’s.

7 were approved but they say I have to relist 5 again as they are inactive (Amazon removed them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Another 7 need REACH docs even though I’ve submitted them already.

So - more work for me again to sort this out at a busy time of the year.


hi we might be using same supplier are they in the usa
i have 1760 to do did some last year some accepted some not but 1760 would take months and impossible


Hello everyone. I received an email from Amazon Handmade regarding Reach late last night. Has anyone else received this? It states that new handmade jewellery listings after 8th December need proof of reach testing as there will be a compulsory section on new listings to fill out the metal information, it also suggests that updating listings now may stop them being supressed later, but I am loathe to do this immediately! I’m a very small fish on here and am worried I may have to stop selling on Handmade! Yet again I have been reading all the info and I must admit I am completely bamboozled by it all, and don’t completely understand exactly what I am able to do as I find the language used in these kinds of articles confusing. It seems the concern is with nickel, lead and cadmium (correct me if I’m wrong?) which all of the findings I buy do not contain according to the manufacturers information. I have spoken to Handmade and it was suggested that I’d get the best info here in the forums, I really need an easy to understand step by step guide on exactly how I can get the info required ready for if they need it. If anyone can help me, I’d be very grateful. Thanks all, Selena.


Yes I also had that email.
I’ve always supplied REACH documentation when requested by Amazon (self-certified as most of my items are 99% glass with minimal metal). All of my products are still active due to this - apart from some ‘fashion’ bracelets that did contain some kind of metal that I knew I would not be able to get through the process.
Have you been asked to provide REACH documentation for any of your items in the past?


Yes last year . I had to delete those items in the end as I was asked to send an email ti get my items reinstated and waited and waited for a reply and I had to delete them all in the end. I then read somewhere afterwards that this had been an error, but obviously not as it’s now come up again. I’m not sure exactly what I need to do to self certificate.


It depends what you sell? Is there a lot of metal in it?
If you source your findings / raw materials from a supplier, can they help you?


I sell costume jewellery so yes there are metal findings, beads and bead caps along with glass beads and some with metal charms and jeweller’s wire. When I tried last time I contacted all of my previous suppliers by email and none of them could/would help me. Most of the findings for costume jewellery are actually manufactured in China. They all state that they are nickel lead and cadmium free which is why I use them, however I could not see any certs displayed in the sites. Since then I get most of my findings direct from a few wholesalers so it’s possible they may be able to help, although they are still in China other than the place I buy my wire from, so if they can’t then I need to know what my options are.


Its a difficult one for you then - unfortunately you are going to have to get something from your wholesalers that allows you to certify your raw materials REACH compliant


Well I’m sure that not all of the jewellery sellers here have received actual reach certificates from their findings suppliers, so I am wondering have they actually had their items tested ? As a very small business, for me that would be cost prohibitive.


Hello there! I know this is an old thread but I’ve recently received an email about reach and was wondering if you ever resolved this in the end, if so how did you do it? Selena


Hi there, am wondering what kind of proof you provided to Amazon regarding this REACH issue? Thank you , Selena


I followed the requirements that Amazon state on the following link below with how to write a declaration of REACH conformity. I sent one pdf document for each product that Amazon requested compliance information about.


Thank you for your reply


I’m ignoring it all together. I have 8 listings but only 2 are selling.
I have asked the jewellery charm supplier who I buy from in the UK (nicoledebruin)
she states all her items are cadmium, lead, nickel free but will not send me documentation for them. She sells on eBay & Etsy.
Personally I do not have the time to read or look at some stupid rubbish why just Amazon?.
If anyone buys from me I’ll add a business card in to say find me elsewhere


I’m ignoring I can’t afford a test for the amount of items I sell on here ie one a month.