Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


What a nightmare! Thanks for the update. I’m glad you’ve managed to semi-resolve some of the issues. I wonder how many others are experiencing the same issues.


Anyone noticed a new feature?
Inventory - Manage Product Documents
I wonder if this is how we will be able to submit REACH docs from now on for our ASIN’s?
I’ve not used it yet - has anyone?


Not for REACH but for adding a user guide for a product. It will only work I think if you are Brand Registered and the ASIN is assigned to one of your Brand Registered brands


Thank you.
I wonder could it be adapted though for REACH purposes as this is the whole issue at the moment - there’s no where to upload the required documents. We can only hope.


I thought I’d update regarding my products.

I’ve just received emails regarding the 18 products that were removed due to REACH. I had submitted most of the declarations on the 20 October (the same day as they were taken down) and they’ve now all been approved. So it’s taken exactly 7 weeks to hear back and get approval. So in case, anyone’s still waiting on approval after submitting declarations it is taking quite some time.


I too had an email this morning regarding a similar number of ASIN’s.

7 were approved but they say I have to relist 5 again as they are inactive (Amazon removed them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Another 7 need REACH docs even though I’ve submitted them already.

So - more work for me again to sort this out at a busy time of the year.


hi we might be using same supplier are they in the usa
i have 1760 to do did some last year some accepted some not but 1760 would take months and impossible