Removal order contains an error. Please try again. The field Address has an invalid value


We are also based in Northern Ireland and are having this problem. Has you got a solution yet? Thanks


I am Northern Ireland based and also having the same issue!


In short, you can’t place removal orders to NI anymore. I don’t think there will be a solution any time soon.


Same issue located in NI cant remove items £1000 in a bin…


For that value would it not be worth while using a 3rd party returns company on UK mainland?


Has Amazon sorted this crazy situation out yet ?

You don’t need any import forms UK to UK

There is no issue with them taking the items from Northern Ireland so what is the difference ?


Hey new seller and i made a mistake and ordered the wrong item and listed it, now trying to get the items sent back to change the labels etc only to get this error. I am based in N.Ireland and find this crazy that it cant be sent back over, we get prime next day deliveries, if someone from ni was to buy my product they would be able to get it so why cant i? Has anyone got any solutions at all?


Amazon won’t return to Northern Ireland I’m afraid as it’s in both the EU and UK for trade purposes.

Blame the politicians on both sides for not sorting this out,


I have had hours of calls and emails and nothing at all, this forum has probably answered my queries but what do I do I have items I need returned, this is nightmare as usual living in NI sucks balls


The only thing you can do is send to an address on the mainland if you have a relative for example and then they can ship back to you as this is what I have had to do many times.

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