Reselling stranded inventory using private label


Hello, everyone

I have some stranded inventory returned to me by Amazon. I am a new seller, set up my seller central account two months ago, ordered some inventory via Alibaba from China and faced this ordeal when it arrived. Can anyone be generous enough to help me understand if I can resell my inventory via Amazon using private label as opposed to wholesale. Selling the items under GENERIC? How and when can I do it and is it allowable and something legit at all in Amazon?

Thank you


Same stock as your counterfeit claim ?

If so yes, if its generic , you create a new asin on amazon as a generic product

However, is it generic or is it branded ?


Thank you for the answer. Yes, that inventory is being shipped my address and I am gonna get it in few days. I was at a loss as how to get rid of it to recoup the loss I made while still be a seller and doing it the right way.


Is it actually generic stock ? Ie not Nike, Disney etc ?


Well, It was a brand initially which I was approved to sell. However, when the inventory arrived, I was again required to get the approval for it. I provided some invoices and stuff, but failed. created removal request and the inventory is now being delivered to me.


It is Crocs. 132 pairs in total


There’s a difference between a PL brand and a ‘known’ brand
Say it was a fidget spinner
Was it completely plain in the packaging - no branding and you tried to list on YXZ spinners etc ?
Or is it eg a Disney / Marvel spinner ?

Can you share the asin


This is the ASIN B0014BYHJE


Ah sorry, saw you response after I finished typing

Are yours real ‘crocs’ or a copy made in China from alibaba ?


That is alright. Well, I got them from a supplier, a verified one, in China via Alibaba. they are real crocs looking at the quality and make and everything else


Do they have the crocs logo on them ?
I’d be surprised if a factory in China were selling them to you direct if they were real (edit, well actually no I wouldn’t)


They are definitely not genuine Crocs my friend.


Do they have the crocs logo on the side and the name on the bottom?
And does the invoice say Crocs on?
And do you have permission to sell Crocs?


No, they don’t. And when it comes to them being able to sell it directly to me, I don’t really know. As I said earlier, I secured the approval for the brand, listed it, created shipping plan and approached the supplier via Alibaba and sealed the deal and after a month or so, the inventory arrived and I was again required to get the approval. I asked the supplier in China for the invoice, I received it, sent it to Amazon and they refused to accept it. That is what has happened


Then they are fakes and you cannot advertise them as crocs, only sandals etc


I would suggest you sell them on Ebay, Facebook or car boot type stalls as generic ‘Croc-style’ sandals to try and get some money back for them


They don’t have the logo of crocs on them but they are crocs :slight_smile: Additionally, if you mean the permission from Amazon, Yes I do. because without their permission/approval, you cannot list a brand in the first place


Crocs is a brand though - just like Dyson or Hoover - not a type of shoe (although like hoover, it’s become known as its namesake)


Okay! what would be your suggestions than, how can I get rid of them just to cover some of the loss and to continue?


As above , sell them ebay etc as sandals