Sales Rank and browse node disappearing


Hi everyone! We’re sorry about this inconvenience! We sent an email on Monday re-assuring everyone that is resolved.

However, please keep us posted if you happen to have any issues.

Thank you,


Hello @Priscilla_Amazon

All of our listings came back to normal at the time you sent the email on Monday, however it looks like the issue is repeating itself as we just started losing listings from our storefront an hour ago… Every 10 minutes we lose one, so pretty much the same situation as last time.


Hey @AggysHandicrafts, thank you for surfacing! Can you please message me with several example ASINs that you see are missing? Our team is prioritizing to look into this.


We have 784 active ASINs, 561 listings (including those with variations) - it will take us a while to check each for missing browse node now…


I’m not sure if this works when a browse node / sales rank goes astray, but if the sales rank also doesn’t show in your inventory then that might be a quick way to check. Have a look at one that definitely has lost its sales rank and see if that is matched in the inventory view.


yep, some of our listings are de-indexing and missing the browse nodes again!


Hey @Tojigold could you also provide some examples of affected ASINs? We searched your page and noticed several of them are appearing


Sure, I have messaged you with them. Thanks.