Several FBA ASINS showing as 0 in stock for Euro Marketplaces


So most of our stock is stored in UK FBA warehouses and are showing with stock quantity within Inventory page UK.

BUT if we switch across to our other Euro marketplaces they are showing as 0 available! See screenshot from Pan-Euro FBA inventory page. This product is enrolled but its Inactive.

Here is Seller Support response

Any thoughts as what the Brexit Arc Issue is?

This sounds made up to me because we have hundreds of other products stored at the same FBA warehouse and are very similar products which are selling without issue on European marketplaces.


Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand your concern is regarding why your units are not being shared with other EU marketplaces from UK marketplace.

I know this is a critical issue as you would like to know the reason behind the units of your ASINs not being shared in EU marketplace. Please allow me to assist you in regards to this.

Please note that there are only 2 units available in the UK marketplace in a particular Fulfillment center from where the units cannot be transshipped to the EU country due to current UK circumstances(Brexit Arc issue) all international arcs have been disabled until further notice. We are currently working on a solution to meet new UK/EU trade deal regulations and will resume operations soon.

_Currently I would request you to send us with inventory in order to keep the units in a particular Fulfillment center from where we can share inventory in the EU marketplaces. _

For more information please visit the help page below:


have you sent any of these asins stock to EU ?

the response from SS says that amazon will not ship your stock from UK to EU warehouses for PAN EU - you have to ship the stock to EU warehouses directly


We only ever send to UK FBA warehouses

90% of our other stock is sold without issue to EU customers. These items are similar brands and style.

You sau that amazon will not ship stock from UK to EU warehouses but we just want to make these ASINS available to EU customers to purchase.


so you are not doing PAN EU then as that requires you to send your stock to EU warehouses

What you are looking for is EFN which is where you offers are shown in EU and orders are sent from UK warehouse to buyers address in EU - for the higher EFN fees

For this you need to add your offers through BIL however, not all asins are accepted onto the EFN programme


Yes thanks for clarification!

We are using EFN. The listings are showing up within all of our marketplaces. We have successfully added the ASIN to UK, DE, IT, ES, FR etc.

They are only showing as in stock within UK while other marketplaces 0!

I would assume there should be somewhere that tells me that these arent accepted into EFN?


yes there is a report if you search help pages

Were your offers added to EU sites through Build International Listings ? accounting for VAT and EFN fees ?

Are you EPR registered in France and Germany ?

Have you checked your EU sites to make sure your accounts are active and healthy ?

Are they small and light, hazmat or bulky ?


Hello @Deanovski,

Here is a link where you can find more details on EFN between UK and EU. You will find also how to use Build International Listing tool if you didn’t used it yet.

@The_Little_Shop thank you for your post!



Go to the below page and run the EFN report.
It will give you reasons as to why your offers are not appearing in the other marketplaces.


Thanks everyone for suggestions!

This gave us the answer - Thanks Neil.

This message came up on these affected ASINS:

Export restrictions prevent this product from being sold in the selected country. If eligibility changes for this ASIN, it will automatically be added to Remote Fulfillment. No further action necessary.

I am guessing there is no way to get this overturned that anyone knows?

We sell this exact product but in a different colour without any issues to EU locations.


The only answer that I can give you to that, is forget it!

I have one product, that is identical but for one being yellow and the other black.
The yellow one works fine, with no issues. But the black one, has that exact reason on it.
I hold brand registry on it, speak directly with the owner/manufacturer and they can’t get it overturned either. We can’t even get a straight legible reason as to why.
I’ve escalated it as far as I can and got nowhere with it.


That sucks!

So it sounds like a glitch rather than an actual Export Restriction.

Have you thought of sending direct to FBA EU location or not worth the hassle?


If you’re vat registered in EU it should be cheaper to send pan eu rather than EFN


I’m actually in the process of registering for VAT in Germany & France, so yes. :slight_smile:


So that means send the stock direct to FBA warehouses in Europe?

As a matter of fact we are already VAT registered in France plus have an EORI number so I guess that would be the best option going forward!


Did you deregister in Germany (previous threads said you were registered)

You could send stock to France and amazon will send stock to each country that you are vat registered and allow storage
Pan eu fees are much lower than efn fees
I also believe efn fees are currently discounted - increasing in March


Yes still registered in Germany.

Germany is activated as a place where they can store stock.

I guess that Amazon will move stock to Germany on their own if they feel its the right place for the stock to be located once it arrives in France?


Edit - they’ve extended the discount

To help you sell between the EU and the UK, we will offer a discount on European Fulfilment Network fees from the EU (Germany, France, Italy and Spain) to the UK and vice versa. The promotional period is one year, starting from 1 April 2023.


Yes so if you are vat registered in France and Germany, you could send stock to France and based on sales data, they’ll forward stock onto Germany for storage for sales to German buyers with pan eu fees
You could then also sell to buyers in Spain and Italy from French or German stock using EFN


If your looking at actually sending stock over to France/Germany, then you also need to look at the Amazon program for this.

Assuming that you get accepted to it, it’s basically free to join and offers reasonable rates for transporting goods.


Legend! Thanks so much.

I’ve submitted. Let’s see how it goes!

Are you in?