Shipping directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centre


One thing you need to watch for, assuming it’s by sea. Is the time it takes.
There is a limited time frame for goods to be delivered of I believe 90 days.
If it goes outside this window for any reason, there is a good chance that they will be refused.


Amazon want to know when they might expect to receive a shipment, it helps with their planning and there are circumstances where stock can be available for purchase prior to them receiving it.

All couriers need to book a delivery slot with Amazon - not strictly true as some have standing appointments, but the point remains. Your courier should be able to do that.


i understand you probably don’t want to share the asin therefore

are you registered on here as a business seller
and fully verified
does your product require any safety checks, labels and docs
have they got them
have you got them
do they require importers uk address on
and EU responsible person address
have you notified your insurer that you are importing goods from china


just some things to think about before you commit


My supplier said shipping times are around 22 to 30 days, so it shouldn’t even be close to that 90 days, even if there is a delay. By the way does anyone know how long it can take for the fulfilment centre to scan my shipment when it arrives so my listing becomes active?


Anything from a day to 3 weeks …


Well, it probably won’t be.
But there are various threads to be found on here that have had exactly this issue.

All it takes is a problem with customs and they can be held for a long time.
You just need to be aware of it.


Yeah, thanks for the heads up. but I’ve never even heard of the last 2 points you have made. What do they mean exactly?


These 2 ?..


Yes. Them 2. I don’t think I even have an “insurer”. Was never advised this was part of the process?


Yes you need product liability insurance to cover yours stock and to store stock in fba warehouses (Once hitting a certain threshold)

Some insurance companies charge an extra premium if you are importing from china, others just won’t insure you

Who has been advising you ?


Yeah so I am based in the UK, so my threshold is 85k within any 12 months. Due to this I’ve decided to continue without getting VAT registered (for now), and to get VAT exempted. I have been told by the support team that I can be VAT exempted if I show some relevant documents, and that I have 90 days to do this once I place inventory in the UK. So I am presuming I can continue selling without the product liability insurance for now no, but ensuring that I am VAT exempt within 3 months?


What is the EU responsible person address? Thanks.


Sorry not sure where vat comes in ?!

Insurer means an insurance company


Oh sorry my bad. Is the insurance compulsory?


It will be for fba at a certain threshold and as you are importing from china , I would certain not even think about not being insured


A contact person and address in EU for products requiring certain safety checks - Toys , electrical etc for sales to Northern Ireland under the NI protocol


I will only be selling in the UK for now, so I’m presuming that doesn’t apply for me?


This insurance, how do I come about getting it. Is it expensive? I’m only just starting so I need to keep my costs low. Also doesn’t my supplier in China deal with this, could I not get agree on some kind of insurance with them?


It does as you are selling to NI
However, it depends on what your product is


I would check for an insurance broker in your area. They can give you specialised policy advice.

That depends. It can be depending on your risk and the volumes you sell.

It will cost what it costs, there are expenses involved in running a business that just have to be paid.

No - you are the importer of the goods into the UK - as such you are fully and legally responsible for them. By acting as the importer you must provide your guarantee - assurance - that they are safe to place on the market in the UK - safe to sell - and that you take responsibility for the goods fully.

Any problems with safety, warranty, function etc. all come back to you and you alone.

Your supplier is in China - beyond the ability of the UK courts to impose penalties, sanctions or enforcements. Any agreement you have with them is practically unenforceable - this is why all liability must rest with the importer (you) who places the goods on the market for sale.