'Sold by' product listing on buyers page



We noticed that two of our listings on Amazon in the section ‘sold by’ show a company name that isn’t ours but on the listing it says ‘Visit our store’. We have tried contacting Amazon support but no easy answer has been given. We aren’t the third party seller, these are our own branded products and we do sell them to one of these ‘sold by’ company names. Surely it should say ‘sold by’ our company name not theirs?

Has anyone else had this issue?


Do you have amazon brand registry ?
If so, you can report and remove them



Thanks for your reply.

We do have amazon brand registry. We don’t object to the other person selling this product, we just want our shop name shown in the ‘sold by’ part of the listing, we don’t understand why it says ‘sold by’ their shop name and not ours?


Surely if you have brand registry it’s because its your own product that no one else sells ?

Edit sorry just saw you supply them too

Have you told them they cannot sell on Amazon when you sell to them or are you happy for them to sell ?


Not possible. “Sold by” is always either Amazon or the specific seller that the buyer is ordering from. The fact you are at the start of the supply chain makes no difference.

Your only real option is to stop supplying the product to other sellers for sale on Amazon.


Thanks for the information, I am new to the admin role regarding selling on Amazon and just trying to get my head around it all.

As we are the seller to the company that’s name is in the ‘sold by’ part in the listing we thought it should say ‘sold by’ our company in the listing, not theirs. - Btw - they don’t buy our product from us via Amazon.


Presumably if they are in the buy box, they either are cheaper, have faster delivery or, better metrics than you


It’s really confusing as they sell it as the same price as us and the shipping etc seems to be no different.


Then the buy box maybe rotating
Whats the asin ?


When you say buy box, do you mean the part on the listing where it says ‘sold by’?

The asin is B08ZD62YSB


I only see JC Plastics on that listing - is that you ?


Think of it like Tescos - you go to Tescos to buy your Tetley Tea Bags. The bags were sold to you by Tesco, yes Tetley may have sold them to Tescos, but you ultimately bought from Tescos.

The “Sold by” section of the buy box is the specific seller that is selling that product. You can not change it to you because the buyer is not buying from you (being Tetley in this example) they are buying from Tescos. They can click on that name to see feedback, returns policy and other information relevant only to the company they are buying off. They can then decide (if there are other sellers on the listing) if they want to buy your Tetley Tea Bags from Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Sainsburys or their local shop.


No, but do you see where it says ‘Visit the WP Store’ in blue below the product description? - That’s us and our store. So we find its odd that it shows J C Plastics as the sold by and not us.

When we click on J C Plastics - it takes us to their store, and on the second page is this product, when we click on that, it takes us back to the this screen shot page which we believe is our listing and thought it would say ‘Sold by’ WP


Because J C Plastics is Tescos in my example.

The customer is buying your product, but they are buying it from J C Plastics.

If you think J C Plastics is not in fact selling your product and selling a counterfeit then you need to go through your Brand Registry to get them pulled from the listing.

If you want it to say sold by you then you need to add yourself to the listing and tell Amazon you have one to sell, because at the moment J C Plastics is the only person selling on that listing.

If you add yourself to the listing then the buy box will be rotated and sometimes it will be sold by you and others sold by J C Plastics


thats a perfect example there by Dedez re tesco etc and how amazon is just a ‘catalogue’ platform - showing you goods and the various sellers that sell them

note that whilst the product maybe made by you, you don’t have an offer for sale on that listing therefore no one can buy it direct from you anyway


That all makes so much more sense, thank you both for explaining that, much appreciated.


The product is sold by xxx because they are selling it. Your name should be on the product listing they have.


Loose tea leaves give much better flavour than tea bags!!


“Sold by” is the seller who has the Buy Box at that time. Sometimes you will get the Buy Box and at other times the other seller/s will. Sold by tells the buyer from whom they are buying - and it won’t always be you if there are other sellers on the listing. Might be an idea to read about the Buy Box in Seller University


There is only 1 active offer on this listing and it is FBA
Offers: [ 1 Used &New ] JC Plastics
You do not have any offer for this item currently.
Have you got any inventory listed?