They drained all the products on my account in 1 hour due a price mistake and Amazon don't care a bit


Hi, i made a simple error,
i was expanding a product on FBA from Spain to Italy, France, Deutchland, and so on…
all being in EURO currency,
but on the bottom i also activated the Sweden country without taking notices its no longer euro, its czech crown, that worths 10 times less than euro.
So instead of sell the products for 22€, where sold for 22 Crowns, (about 2€/unit).

Now i am sold, after one single hour of this mistake, all the units i had on stock, (about 50 from one product and 20 from another) where all sold, they fully drained my account,
i noticed the problem right away, i contact amazon by phone, and from my amazon account, explained in detail the problem and told them to please please plase, i beg them to please cancel all those order before they get shipped.

Average result from most of the persons that gave me support? “we don’t have this capabitlity”.

After a lot of sweat and insist, they told me they escalated the problem to another department to fix this, but after 24h, no one updated it, the orders start to ship already and i am losing all my money.

This was a true honest mistake that drained all my account products,

I could not contact the user to beg him to cancel the order becuase you just can contact them after the item is shipped.
I could not cancel the order myself becuase i dont have such option with amazon FBA.
I could not ask for help becuase seems no one can help on such simple thing.

Most of the people who supported me by phone where plain newbies that talked no sense, saying they still can fix it after ship the items, but finally i talked with a person that talked things that make sense, and she told me that not gonna happend, and that they already had more problems like mine and sellers did end up losing all his stock due the exact same problem, they have been opening internal requests so amazon allow them to cancel orders since february, and still they don’t fix this problem.

Amazon is a total dissaster, absolute dissaster, i am done, no one want or can help to simple damn cancel all the orders from Sweden,

What would a big company selling 50 000 units due a mistake? would amazon just tell them so “honor the mistake” ?

for customers, full time phone support,
for sellers, never a good support, always problems and tears.

what would you do? its incredible.


Unfortunately as you’ve said it was your own error due to not taking into account the different currencies, there is nothing amazon will do as it was seller error - not amazon error


I hate to say it, but at the end of the day it is your mistake and not Amazon’s. As such, you can’t really blame them for the error.

Larger companies have been known to make these kind of errors and they don’t tend to get their money back, just stop the product being on sale as soon as the error is noticed, so the loss is minimised.


i fully accept was a mistake, and i would even accept it more if the products were shipped already,

but having full of time for amazon to cancel the products since i contacted them right away in less than 1 hour of all products being sold… is incredible,

they could totally do it if they wanted, thats for sure, but refusing to help even when there is plenty of time to, is beyond incredible.
I know they took out the power for customer service to cancel the orders, but even after scale the problem to people that have power to do it, they seems to don’t care neither, they just told me to be petient while all what i see is mails form orders being shipped.

total dissaster, big big error, and big lack of support when there is plenty of time for help, they were able to cancel orders until february 2022, now they no longer want to.


Yes, they would say exactly that. As a customer if you order something for 2 euros, you want to get it for 2 euros. Simple as that. Try to look at the bright side. You now have 70 Swedish customers who should be really, really chuffed once they receive their heavily discounted products. Time to send them a follow up for a review. Plus if they like the product they might buy it again for the real price and even get others to buy it. Your products now have momentum in BSR for their keywords, restock as fast as you can. Get to work on getting back that money you have just lost.


not exactly that, i have just 4-5 customers who bought all the stuff in 27 orders in 1 hour,

they maybe start to share the info on telegram, internet forums, or friends and family, they saw the no sense price, and start ordering in bulk like if there is no tomorrow.


More likely a competitor tbh


Then yes, competitor or resellers for other platforms, the latter have software to monitor prices on all marketplaces. Really need to set a maximum order number to make their job harder when you make a mistake like this.


thats in fact very likely,
the product had in fact filters that you had to change over time, and those filters were special for the product,

in the listing the fact i just had extra filters ready was not something end up wrote in the Sweden listing, so how the hell they knew so quick to drain the listing of filters too?

it all points me to the fact they had monitoring tools or something, its such a disaster, with just 4-5 accounts they ordered everything

either they will put me negative reviews, or get the products to resell them or who knows.


I’m really sorry, but it was a mistake and Amazon don’t have the capability to fix it regardless of what you asked them or what you are told.

It seems an expensive mistake and you must be devastated but from the moment they started selling there was very little to be done except for you to delete the offer… Pricing mistakes quite often are shared quickly and you may well be correct that people shared prices - but unfortunately that part of life.

When you ship goods to Amazon you defer responsibility and control, there are things you can still do - but ultimately it is like you’ve sent them off to auction - once they are sold, they are sold. Amazon don’t have the time or inclination to upset their customers by cancelling your orders.

It is a harsh and painful lesson and I feel really bad for you.


It’s an unfortunate mistake - but on this, we get the same query from customers who might try to cancel just an hour later. The problem is, while the order might not have been marked as despatched - it may well have been prepped, packed and into a mail bag along with hundreds of other orders (which you can extrapolate out for amazon).

Customers don’t of course understand that we don’t simply lineup all our orders in some alphabetical system to make finding their order easy! I imagine amazon would have the same issue tenfold.


The law stops anyone from cancelling an order due to a pricing error. Once you publish the price and make teh sale it would be illegal to cancel and the relist at a higher price.


Great advice! Control the Controllables


that doesnt looks accurate as far as i know


I placed an order on 11th October for a PS5 victrix controller for £40 fulfilled by Amazon. Price should have been about £220. The following day my order was cancelled and Amazon sent me this mail:

The price for `Victrix ProCon Wireless Controller for PS5’ (ASIN: B0B9LDPXBF) was displayed incorrectly when you placed your order xxxxxx

_Despite our best efforts, with the millions of items available on our website, pricing errors can occasionally occur. _

_In our Conditions of Use and Sale (see, we state that where an item’s correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, cancel the order and notify you of that cancellation. _

_Your order has now been cancelled. If you still want to purchase this item, please place a new order. _

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.


This happened to me also in SE, easy mistake to make, I never got any help & had to take the hit.


It’s called ‘learning the hard way’ and I think you’ll find if everyone is honest, most of us have had to do that over something or another associated with our business at some stage.
It hurts for now, but you wont ever do it again


The pertinent line there being ‘at our discretion’ so while they may have done it here, it may well be dependent on the size of the business and their contact level within Amazon. The sellers of those controllers may have access to an account manager of course.


I made the same mistake a few year ago. Amazon support said they could not cancel, luckily I was able to contact Amazon Italy whole cancelled the orders straight away.


do you remember if the product was sold by amazon or by a third party?

its clear that they can cancel orders if they want, specially if they come from them, but when it comes form a third party, either you have to have access to a higher level, or they just don’t even care,

i am still in a support ticket that they told me “we are scaling this problem to another internal department to cancel the orders, please wait” and i am still waiting, all i see is the orders are being shipped, and in 1-2 days more most probably all of them will be out. Just incredible.

on phone they also told me that maybe they can gave me some compensation later, but since each time i talk with some one, i get a diferent response, i expect nothing, real support is pretty much non existent, its all about make it look like you have support, and most of the times they just copy/past a predesigned mail with some steps that might or might not fit the real problem you have, most of the times don’t fit, and then you have to reopen over and over again the ticket, disgusting.