This confirmation statement nonsense is suspicious as hell


Are you sure you didn’t have breakfast today? It looks to me like you’ve had a large bowl of sarcasm :joy::rofl::laughing:


It always has been, and your suppliers too…


Which are all publicly traded companies with formal accounting records and shareholder reports. You cannot really compare process for such different entities.

The point of this - and ‘The Law’ is that Amazon are bound by anti money laundering laws and rules. These rules state that companies must satisfy themselves that the recipients (or beneficiaries) of the sales proceeds are who they claim to be - that they are not in any way involved with sanctioned regimes and such. How this is achieved is somewhat at each company’s discretion but generally pretty standardised. They need transparency of who the money is going to.


I have just been asked to supply documents detailing company structure by Payoneer. This whole thing is just a tightening of the KYC (know your customer) rules implemented to stop money laundering. If amazon dont do it then they can be fined astronomical amounts. If they gather more than they need, I think they are just covering their own back.


You probably need to change your mind-set on this one to be honest. Amazon can ask you for not only any information they feel like, but ask you to provide as many pieces of evidence to back up that information. This is their playground, and they get to set the criteria for entry. Nobody has a right to get access to their marketplace. If they decide that they need the inside leg measurements of everyone associated with the company, you’d better crack out the measuring tape, or accept that you’re not getting on. Don’t want to provide it? Its not amazon that loses out.


I think that sums up the situation nicely.


HI, You need to get the confirmation statement when the last change miught have been, this could have been from a few years ago, as the one you do every year just states that there are no changes, I had trouble with this, until i rang company house and a lady there explained that I needed to send the one from 2015 from us as thats when the last change was made and the information was there.


AMAZON are 100% correct on this.


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Arguing with yourself is not really a problem. Recently though I have started telling myself jokes and I haven’t heard them before! Should I be concerned?


Unfortunately with amazon, it can be a very big river to cross:-(


Except that Amazon’s data collecting activites are on MUCH bigger scale than someone like Tesco. Amazon have AWS which means that much of the world’s interent traffic goes through Amazon systems. I use blockers in my browser and you’d be surprised just exactly how many sites have Amazon tenticles in them.

On this occassion the ICO forced Amazon to answer my concerns to my satisfaction. I do agree though that a lot of these regulatory bodies are just toothless wonders.

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