This should be illegal


Amazon took £30 from my account…without giving me a choice, I had to open Pro account.
I downgraded to Individual. But nothing happened.
And After weeks and weeks, still no refund

Then I found out, there are thousands people like me… And Gods know how many like us all around the world.

Let’s calculate; £30 from 1 person. £30,000 1000 persons. £300,000 10.000 persons… and goes on.
Amazon keeps this money for months even for years for some… and there are many ways of making this money almost double if you invest it in bank interests, gov papers, funds etc etc.

Amazon didn’t wait for a second to take £30 from my bank account. But they wait for months to refund it. Why?

This should be illegal.


Did you ask them to refund you ?

No offence but did you not anticipate subscription fees as part of your start up business costs ?


When you entered your credit / debit card details and clicked on all of the ‘I Agree’ messages that appear before the account is even opened, did that not warn you that there were potential costs involved?

Because you clicked all the confirmations saying that you knew what you were agreeing to, so technically they don’t have to give you anything back.
I understand they often do (eventually), but I doubt it’s top of their issues-list.


Are you working for Amazon? You sound like that…
I am not complaining about the cost of it.
Please read my post again.


I am not talking about the business costs. No complains about it.
Amazon is giving me option to downgrade.
The problem is; it’s not happening.
They take money from my account in seconds… but they don’t refund for months.
And when I asked, they say “because of a technical issue”.
There are thousands (probably much more than that) people like me.
Interestingly, when it comes to take money from my bank account, their system works faster than a light speed, but when it comes to refund, they always have “technical” problems :slight_smile:

This is what I am complaining about and it should be illegal. E-commerce needs proper laws about it.


Did you sell anything between being charged the £30 and downgrading?


A refund of that fee is only at their discretion if you haven’t sold anything , as you did agree to it on sign up

If you have sold, you won’t get it back

If you are annoyed at amazon being slow to deal with an issue , or not deal with it at all, selling on here for you will not be a pleasurable experience
Just take a read of this forum


My answer was helpful, unambiguous, and very easy to understand… So I clearly do NOT work for Amazon.

First line of your original post…

Amazon took £30 from my account…without giving me a choice

If you don’t agree with the truth of my answer maybe just use the search function at the top of the forums and see how many times this exact same issue has come up before.


The first thing you are not considering is that a human had anything at all to do with this. This was all done by automated bot systems. The second thing is, when you signed up, you agreed to the terms of business. You can’t then complain just because you backed the wrong horse? One of the big problems with selling on Amazon is people don’t do the basic research before they start…and then realise their mistakes.


No I didn’t


I don’t think you read my posts. You should do a “basic” reading first…

The first thing is; Why is this bothering you?
I didn’t make mistake; Amazon is making mistake. They are telling me they have issues. Not me!

And of course I can complain if I am not happy with something on here or anywhere. Like you are “complaining” about people like me who complain. But you don’t see this is a problem :slight_smile:

I agreed with the terms of business. I knew what I was doing. I am complaining about how Amazon behaves. It’s totally different.


Enough said then :grinning:


Yes, of course they work for Amazon ! The mode of operating is identical; ignore the question, answer another irrelvant question, muddy the waters, do nothing.


As fellow sellers, what would you have us do ?


My post was very easy to understand. But I don’t understand why you guys are so aggressive and attacking all together like you are the bosses of Amazon.
Amazon is behaving unfair. And all i am saying is this is not right, something must ve done about it. Here the topic is not me. It’s Amazon.

You can accept Amazon taking money from people without an error but not refunding because of endless system errors… I am not going to accept it. I am not stupid.

Read my posts again.


When did you set up your account?
When did you downgrade to individual?
When did you request the refund?
Is your account fully verified?


Here is what you could do :1. read the question 2. If you feel so inclined, do the neccesary research 3. Answer the question.
Answering a completely different question is not the same as being helpful, however well intentioned.


What exactly do you want me to research ?

SS have told op they cannot refund due to a technical error
I do not work in amazons IT dept

All I could do is say amazon are terrible blah blah - that doesn’t help either though does it


Once again though, because you say something someone doesn’t want to hear, you are accused of working for amazon


Why are you so bothered with this issue? Can you genuinely tell me, please?
How many times do I have to repeat; Amazon is behaving wrong. And they are already accepting it.
And all I am saying is something should be done about it. They are taking money faster than a light speed without any mistake… but having “technical” issues when it comes to refund it… And you are your colleagues are telling me I should accept it. You pay it then, if you are such a passionate Amazon lover.

To Amazon; I don’t know how much you are paying or giving benefits, discounts these guys… But Amazon was never like this when I had fantastic business without such strange issues (between 2003 and 2013) and the forums were useful places with amazing people. Sad to see its completely opposite now…