Unfulfillable Inventory


Hi Team,

I am posting this regarding an issue I’ve been facing now for more than a month and have got nowhere with Seller Support, apart from their generic emails or them saying things which isn’t a possibility, therefore reaching out to you guys to see if anybody could help.

So, I’ve sent in an ASIN and have labelled the goods with my FNSKU, Amazon have transferred the goods into Unfulfillable Inventory, marked it was defective.

The mistake from my end was, is that I did not cover the existing barcode on the product with my own FNKSU label but had placed it elsewhere on the item, and they have decided to check in all the units with the barcode which is on the product (the barcode is a deleted listing on Amazon)

Now the goods are a Hazmat product which I am fully aware of and SDS has been provided and accepted, however the ASIN that has been checked in, is a deleted ASIN by Amazon and I cannot look this ASIN up for me to add this into my inventory.

The ASIN/FNSKU I did send the goods in for is an active listing on Amazon, however they would not transfer my inventory over to it.

I am trying to recall the goods back over to myself however they are in the unfulfillable category and greyed out, the only option Amazon is giving me is to dispose them. I have also created a removal order with a template file without any errors, but then when I go to the removal order details it shows as cancelled with no explanation.

A total of 4500 units are stuck somewhere in the air worth thousands.

Please help on what I could possibly do or reach out to.


First mistake, whether you put an FNSKU label on a product or not, the EAN should match the product that your listing against.
You can’t just relabel them as you have found out.

I would imagine, that as the product is Hazmat, the details you have provided will only apply to the product that you listed against and not the actual product you sent.
Which is probably why they won’t return the goods.

I can only suggest that you contact the MD’s office and ask them to investigate.
At the very least, make them aware that you do not want the products destroyed.


Hi Neil

Thanks for your response.

That’s the issue, both products are the same.

However one ASIN is active, and the other one isn’t.

The ASIN that’s deleted is what they have checked in, as my FNSKU wasn’t covered on the barcode of the deleted ASIN.

I have currently disabled all options on disposing, so touchwood I won’t be facing that.

If reaching out to the MD is the only way to get a response and help, could you guide me how to do that?


Whilst I get what you mean, just because one isn’t active, doesn’t mean that you should list on another. Whether they appear to be the same or not.
It’s quite possible to see multiple products the same, with different EANs. I see this all the time, with a lot of grocery products. They are constantly changing, but are essentially the same product, same pack size etc.

So what you should be doing, is to get the inactive EAN activated. Then listing against it. It’s just the way Amazon works and you have no choice about it.

In any case, to contact the MD, you just need to email. If you search the forums, you will find the email.


Completely understand in what you’re saying, and to be frank have seen that happen a lot in the recent times.

Now Seller Support or One advisor did say to me that he will active the listing again, and the units will automatically check in under that specific listing, however even that has been more than a week, and I am still unable to look up for that ASIN.


What’s the ASIN?

And just so that your aware, it’s unusual to say the least, for Amazon to move stock between listings.


The ASIN is : B005FQE9TM

I have previously sent in multiple pallets into FC having the goods labelled the same way.

This time obviously picked up on it and voided how they were labelled, Amazon themselves have sent images showing where my label is and where the manufacturer barcode is which was left uncovered.


Ok, so that ASIN doesn’t exist at all.
Your only option, if it’s the correct EAN, is to recreate it.

Do you know why it got deleted?


Apparently the ASIN does exist in the back office, however us sellers are unable to see any of it.

Seller Support just keep saying to me to add this ASIN into my inventory first and everything will fall into place, little do they know us guys cannot see or add this.

Unsure when and why its been deleted of Amazon.

Am completely baffled as what to do…


Just recreate it, using the same EAN number.
It should then marry up with the original ASIN.


I was thinking to do this but wasn’t sure.

I could either use the barcode on the product or the ASIN I provided above.

Also, the ASIN has given me a FNSKU … how would I go about that, would that link to the new creation of the listing?

Sorry I know am asking a lot of questions, but I’ve got to get this sorted, been pulling my hair for almost 6 weeks now.


You can’t create a listing using an ASIN, unless that already exists.
However, this particular one has been deleted from the catalogue.
As such, you need to create it with the EAN on the product itself, which should match the listing.
As long as that is true, then the ASIN should match the original.
FNSKU is different, that’s individual to you. So unless you can use the same SKU, then it won’t match.


That ASIN still exists on at least the French marketplace so it isn’t completely gone. It is showing as being 250 litres though rather than 250ml and doesn’t seem to be listed as the correct brand. Has 3 active sellers.


@ Neil - I am going to give that a go and hopefully it works in some sort of way, looks difficult however.

@ Demel - That’s a clever way to look this one up, another Marketplace … Now the thing is, although it may be active in another marketplace, how would we make this available again in the UK marketplace.


It’s really not that difficult. Just give it a try.
If you can create a listing on Ebay, you can create one on Amazon. :slight_smile:

And it’s the same answer, if it already exists in another marketplace, it needs creating on the UK site.
Once it exists, it should match, as long as you use same EAN.


So I have done everything as mentioned, by using the EAN which then automatically has linked to the ASIN, however if you look at the attached it says Fix Issue on the right, but when I click on that it would take me to Product Policy Compliance page, and this listing isn’t available there for any issues or errors that I need to resolve.

On the left side it says Detail Page Removed, and also hasn’t got a name on the listing. Now I clicked on the SKU and then went into Edit Listing, but there I cannot see anything for this to get back to live.



That may be the reason it wasn’t in the UK catalogue then, it had been removed for non compliance


Big question here then is; how do i get the inventory returned back to myself?


Anyone here with an email ID of someone high up who could look into this issue and actually have this resolved?