Upcoming changes to buyer-initiated order cancellations


You cannot cancel SFP orders, it always counts against you.

The Buyer can cancel within the 30 minute cooling off period, they have to do that themselves, after that, you have to send it, it must also be delivered, you cannot just deduct off and then refund.


but amazon have still not fixed the text that says sfp orders cancelled at the request of a customer wont be counted.

have not told customer services or seller support

and still send ‘accept a cancellation’ emails to sellers again with incorrect text

and if you do cancel an order it tells customers that the cancellation was accepted and to expect a refund in the next few days - but before despatch the customer has not been charged (just pre authorised!)


If its broken, do not fix it…


It appears at least some have not read the announcement carefully enough. As I see it, the only changes are that the cancellation message will not appear in the messages section on the Seller Central Dashboard but instead will have their own banner/widget.

This is surely better and in line with the sort of thing many people were asking for when the new style dashboard appeared and we lost easy sight of some data.

And for those that do like to work with the email cancellation notice, they will still get this.

I can see why some may want to see the request in buyer/seller messages however we don’t see orders that way so this is no different. To me this will be no worse and probably better as it will be more visible on the dashboard until actioned.


Hopefully there will at least be a ‘cancellation requests’ box on the seller central homepage , same as returns etc


We use an API to process our orders so we rely on the Buyer-Seller message to cancel orders. Annoyingly I can see from the table at the bottom of the page, that we actually cannot cancel orders at all now for any reason other than that the buyer cancelled!
Wrong address? - Send it anyway!
No telephone number? - Send it anyway!
Duplicate order? - Send it anyway!

Seems like we are going to have to decide between the Cancellation rate, the delivery rate and the return rate going on what we do with troublesome orders I think.


I received no notice of a cancelation. Did not know the buyer requested a cancelation until a few days after the item was sent when I got an angry e-mail from the customer demanding to know why I had sent the item when the customer had sent a cancel request within minutes of the purchase. So now I have to pay for the item to be returned and judging by how angry the customer is I will also get an A-z claim or negative feedback or both


If the buyer had actually requested a cancellation within minutes of purchase, it wouldn’t have completed on your side anyway as an unshipped order

When a buyer purchases, they have a 30 minute cool off period where they can cancel - these are the orders that appear under the cancelled tab so you wouldn’t be able to ship it if they had done it properly

Your buyer probably cancelled something else


And to add to Little Shops reply, the technical return reason would be Ordered by Mistake so you would be within your rights to deduct the cost of the return from the refund. They’d never win an A to Z claim. I’ll warrant that you’d possibly get negative feedback, but that would be it. You’ve gone to far into trying to appease the customer on this one to be honest.


that is what I think as well. I responded to his e-mail got no response from the e-mail through the messages however the next day received the official cancelation request


I have not done anything yet. Amazon have charged me for the return as they have now put the cancelation request through the right channel so it was autogranted.


Had 6 SFP warnings requiring POAs this year so far for cancellation - happens every two or three weeks and sometimes even on consecutive weeks.
We send basically the same POA each time and receive exactly the same response back.

If the customer asks to cancel, we always cancel if we can, as that is good customer service. Never had our account suspended for doing this, so somebody somewhere seems to understand, even if the automated systems are broken.

Also reported the problem to our account manager with lots of details - passed on somewhere, but no response back to us.


What response do you get back?

the usual “under no circumstances should you cancel an order”


Yes, always that one!


We tell customers that only Amazon CS are allowed to cancel SFP prime orders, sometimes we then receive the “we’ve been contacted by a mutual customer” message asking us to cancel it. If we cancel it, it still goes against our metrics. We now just send the goods out and reply to the emails explaining that Amazon forbid cancellations and quote the “under no circumstances cancel an order” line from previous Amazon case responses as well as advising the customer to complain to Amazon about not allowing the seller to cancel an order.